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What’s Your Flavour? Blush Shades That Look Bomb On Indian Skin

What’s Your Flavour? Blush Shades That Look Bomb On Indian Skin

Don’t you just love adding a flush of colour to your cheeks? Even if it’s just a hint of colour, blush looks really flattering and actually helps pull your makeup look together! There’s no limit on how much blush one should apply…unless you choose the wrong shade! Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely not making the rules here nor telling you what shade of blush to apply but just like lipsticks, some blush colours work best for certain skin tones. 

If you struggle to find a colour that works for your skin tone, we’re here to help. 

Best Blush For Indian Skin Tones

Here are some shades of blush that will look S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G on Indian skin.

For A Hint Of Pink

When we think of blush, we think of pink! And that’s mostly because until a few years ago, the only blushes that were available in the market were in the shades of pink and pink only. But honestly, a bright pink blush can look a tad ashy on darker skin tones, especially if it’s not the right shade! But, we found you a blush that has a hint of your fave colour and will definitely look bomb in all your selfies!

Are You Red-y For It?

Before you say *hell na* to a red blush, hear us out first!

We agree that a red blush can turn a great makeup look into a terrible one if you go overboard, but if you use a subtle shade, it can look really stunning and bring out those lovely brown eyes. And besides, if you have a deeper skin tone, this shade of blush will look great on you. So, how to use a red blush on Indian skin tones? Reach for water-based cheek tints, they’re easier to use and more forgiving. 

Coral Me Pretty

A bright coral or a tangerine blush looks so bomb on darker skin tones and Rihanna is living proof! There’s a reason why her super bright blush, Mango Chili is always sold out. Coral blush looks really nice on your cheeks, eyes and even lips; the possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Send Me Nudes!


Who doesn’t love a good nude?

A nude blush isn’t just really easy to work with, it also looks incredibly natural. If a no-makeup-makeup look is your favourite, then you need a nude blush in your life, STAT! Look for shades that are closest to your skin tone. 

Looking for a muted, natural shade of blush? Something that looks like you’re not wearing any? Here’s a pro-tip you’re going to love. Pinch your cheeks and see what colour they turn when you’re blushing – look for a blush in exactly that shade. It will be the most natural colour of blush for your skin tone.

Terracotta Blush

Terracotta makeup has become huge a huge hit in the last couple of years, with more and more celebs flaunting it on the red carpet. Not only it looks breathtakingly beautiful on our skin tones but it adds a vintage, rustic kind of charm to our overall look- don’t you think?

And if you are over brighter shades, then you should definitely give terracotta blush a try. It’s literally the shade of blush you’d wanna wear all winter!

Are you ready to blush, hard?

Featured Image: Instagram/YouTube

09 Sep 2020

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