Blue Tea Is The Only Tea You Need In Your Life Right Now And Here’s Why

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Jun 7, 2018
Blue Tea Is The Only Tea You Need In Your Life Right Now And Here’s Why


We’ve all been through the fad of green tea, white tea, and even black tea. But there is a new tea in town, blue tea and it might be kicking ass at being the healthiest. It goes by the name of Butterfly pea flower tea and is a herbal tea which is 100% caffeine free. Not only is it gorgeous, it is made from an infusion of Clitoria Ternatea plant and dried Lemongrass leaves. Though it was just a dye for a really long time, because of its strong colours (remember not to spill it on your white shirt), it has finally hit popularity because of its health benefits. Here are ways in which it helps and why you should switch to blue tea asap. 

1. Antioxidants 

Similar to other herbal teas, Blue tea has antioxidants which help detox your body and lead to other health benefits. It fights cell-damaging free radicals and prevents your body from developing toxins. 

01 blue tea health benefits

2. Energizing, Boosts Brain Activity 

So this tea is something known as a nootropic, which basically means that it enhances your creativity, brain function, cognitive functions and motivates your mind. Maybe a healthier alternative for coffee this study-season?

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3. Skin & Hair 

Its antioxidant properties are great for skin and hair, it also is packed with vitamins and minerals which promote anti-aging. It also contains anti-glycation properties which are basically all your skin needs, to top it with the flavonoids it has – increasing collagen in your body and making you a queen. 

03 blue tea health benefits

4. Anxiety & Depression 

Statistically, our generation is stressed out, leading to higher cases of anxiety and depression. But the antioxidants in blue tea plays a huge role in lifting your mood. 

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5. Anti-Diabetic

Clitoria Ternatea leaf is known to lower blood sugar levels by obstructing your body’s glucose intake from food. Hence, making it ideal for people with diabetes. 

05 blue tea health benefits

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a box right now!

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