Forget Green Tea , This Year Turn To Green Coffee For Good Health Instead!

Forget Green Tea , This Year Turn To Green Coffee For Good Health Instead!

Every new year, the most commonly made and the most easily forgotten resolution is losing weight and staying fit! Working out and eating healthy is super difficult for most of us. So, to make it easy, every year, there’s a new superfood that goes viral all over the world for its weight loss capabilities! Well, this is the year of green coffee which is all set to replace green tea in your life. Green coffee, as the name suggests, is the coffee is extracted from green coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. These beans contain Chlorogenic acid - a substance majorly responsible for weight loss. So here's why you need to jump the bandwagon and stock your kitchen with green coffee.

1. Helps burn stored fat

1 green coffee coffee in cup

Not only does this coffee improve your metabolism, it also helps you burn stored fat. Green coffee contains kelp, which is a natural seaweed enriched with minerals and vitamins. This enables your body to burn extra fat even when you’re not working out at almost 1.3 times the normal rate.

2. Helps boost metabolism

The presence of Chlorogenic Acid helps burn fat and increases the metabolism, helping you in your weight loss journey, as mentioned above. It burns glucose stored in your liver and pushes it in your bloodstream, making this a great drink to kick start your metabolism! Have a cup before your workout to burn two times more calories.

3. Acts as a natural detoxifier

2 green coffee coffee beans spiled

With all the rich minerals and vitamins, it’s only right to say it’s a great natural detoxifying agent. After a day of feasting, a cup of green coffee is going to help you detox and give your body a healthy break. It also improves your skin and helps in hair growth.

4. Keeps you feeling fuller for longer

Dieticians and professional health coaches recommend their clients drink green coffee half an hour before their meals. This makes their stomach feel slightly full and reduces their appetite. This also works as an agent to digest the food you ate!

5. Acts as a natural energy booster

3 green coffee flat lay

When it’s a cup of goodness, it’s meant to give you lots of energy and will help you to reach your goal weight faster! Are we complaining, surely not! We love this new drink and can’t wait to get our hands on it to give it a shot.

Images: Shutterstock, Pexels