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Be Beau-Tea-Ful: These Detox Teas Will Make Sure You Live Your Best Skin Life!

Green teas and I have somehow never seen eye to eye. I am a major caffeine hoarder and I never took to drinking tea. My friends’ recommendations on green tea would fall on deaf ears as I lunged to my coffee mug for comfort. Then, things started to change. As I got older though, a lot of my focus shifted to skincare. And while moisturisers were amazing and masks were glorious, something had to be said about overall wellness from within. Staying hydrated with water essentially is good but adding a little something extra was now the need of the hour. Even though I wasn’t a great fan of green tea, I did give a couple detox teas a whirl, and it definitely helped. Not just with wellness but it also improved my skin. So here are a few detoxifying teas that you should totally have as a nightcap for better skin.

Well my lovelies, it’s time to feel beau-Tea-ful!

Published on Mar 20, 2018
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