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Goodbye, Chipped Nail Paint: 5 Top Coats For A Salon-Like Manicure!

Goodbye, Chipped Nail Paint: 5 Top Coats For A Salon-Like Manicure!



If you ask anyone with super shiny and long-lasting nail paint what their secret is, they’ll say a good top coat. Chipped nails look terrible and the clear polish is to prevent exactly that. So if you’re taking out the time to do an at-home manicure, you might as well secure it in place with the transparent paint. 

Gel, high-gloss, matte- whatever finish you choose, these top coats will secure your paint and make your nails look on-point for longer!

Here Are The Best Top Coats You Need To Add To Your Cart ASAP

Hello, gloss! Just as the name suggests, this nail enamel by MyGlamm will seal the deal for you! So apply a bright colour on your nails and then top it off with this. Trust us, you’re going to go gaga. It’s made with a special formula that promises better luminosity, deeper colour, and greater light reflection- can we argue with that?


This top coat dries super fast and is enriched with kukui oil which is a nail hardening ingredient that not only makes your nail paint last longer but also protects the nails and saves them from breaking. It also adds shine to the mani and makes it look well put-together. What’s not to love?


Who can compare with O.P.I when it comes to nail paints? And this top coat is no different. It gives the nails an instant shine and brightness that no other nail paint can replicate. Even if you’re getting your nails done professionally, just finish it off with the O.P.I top coat. 


When you want a salon-like manicure at home, this is the top coat to go for. It’s chip-resistant and gives your nail paint a more polished look. So even when you’re painting your nails yourself, this one step can take it from basic to super professional. 

For people who love a matte finish, this Revlon nail enamel is super smooth and long-wearing. Even if your nail paint isn’t matte, this top coat will give it that finish.

So ladies, don’t forget to file and shape your nails, use a pretty paint and end it with a top coat so you don’t have to do all of this, all over again! 

Featured Image: Pexels

26 Oct 2020

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