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10 AWESOME Things About Having A Guy Bestie!

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Jun 17, 2016
10 AWESOME Things About Having A Guy Bestie!


Every girl needs her girl gang, but let’s accept that no one compares to her guy best friend! No, he isn’t her boyfriend. He is the guy who is her best friend and gets her like no one else does and makes life so much more fun and easier…

1. All boy problems are solved!

Boys driving you crazy? Fret not, because your guy best friend is there for you and gives you all the easy solutions without any of the frills! Also, he has inside knowledge about how guys functions, so you’re gold! 

2. The always-ready wingman

Deciding the perfect outfit for your date night and tips about flirting with your crush are not his forte… BUT he’s always there to help you start a conversation with the guy you like – mostly by pushing you into him! 😛

3. 4 a.m.? He’ll be there for you…

He will always be there for you, yes, even at 4 a.m! He might grumble about being woken up at such an odd hour but if you need him, he’ll be there to lend an ear – or himself, in case you need your emergency backup! 

2 guy best friend

4. The honest advisor

For an honest, unbiased opinion, your guy bestie is the one you go to! Sometimes you may not like what you hear, but you know he means well. And if you look fat in that dress, he is the ONLY one who will tell you without any hesitation. 

5. He’s got your back

Whether it’s about scaring away guys who are bothering you, about answering your phone when someone is prank-calling you or about covering for you with your parents, you can count on him to take care of it.


6. Drink, drank, drunk

When it comes to partying and drinking, when your guy bestie is around, you can go all out. You can drink all you want, burp all you want, sweat on the dance floor all you want. He won’t care! Only thing he cares about? Having a good time and getting you home safe!

6 guy best friend

7. Gossip game on

Nothing compares to the gossip you get from your guy bestie. He doesn’t even realize how awesome the information he is giving actually is! 

8. Indirect boyfriend lessons

The best way to hint at something to your boyfriend? Tell you guy bestie to have a man-to-man with him! Sorted!

9. Best shopping partner 

Best, but not exactly willing, if you know what we mean. He’ll kick and scream like a baby while being dragged to the mall but he helps you carry those seriously heavy bags still!

8 guy best friend

10. He gives great hugs!

Let’s be honest ladies, whenever you’re low, a hug from you guy bestie can fix everything! He’s warmer, bigger and cuddlier – and also wears less accessories that poke in all the wrong places!

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