15 Super Pretty Skirts That Are Worth Waxing Your Legs For!

Anusha RahejaAnusha Raheja  |  May 3, 2017
15 Super Pretty Skirts That Are Worth Waxing Your Legs For!


Well it’s summertime – that time of the year to bring out your prettiest skirts and flaunt those legs you’ve been working on. We LOVE skirts. They’re flattering for most body types, feminine and can make you look taller and oh-so-chic. So here are our top picks of some really pretty, short skirts that you’d want to shave those legs for. Pencil, straight, flounce and fringes, we’ve got them all here. So get ready to buy some stunning skirts, which you’d want to wear everywhere!

1. Pretty in Pink

1. short skirts

It’s pink, floral and has lace! Wear this one for the next date night, and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

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2. Flared and Fabulous

2. short skirts

More than the dreamy baby blue colour, we love the silhouette of this blue beauty. It’s so subtly sexy.

Price: Rs 1,224. Buy it here.

3. Disco Diva

3. short skirts

Saturday night plans with your girls? This is the skirt you need to rock that dance floor. Pair it with a black crop top and black pumps and dance the night away.

Price: Rs 1,125. Buy it here.

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4. Embroidered Elegance

4. short skirts

On of our favourites in this list, this white a-line skirt is pretty, quirky and oh-so-chic. Wear it with an ordinary shirt and you’ll still look fabulous.

Price: Rs 1,695. Buy it here.

5. Slay the Slit

5. short skirts

For the days when you want to show some skin but not go all the way, this is the right pick. This pretty blue is just the colour you need for this sultry summer.

Price: Rs 1,249. Buy it here.

6. Houndstooth Perfection

6. short skirts

Get this one for a very flattering fit. So be it a job interview or a formal dinner, this skirt with a plain white shirt will give you all the confidence and style you need.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

7. It’s All About the Print

7. short skirts

For casual days in college, this white printed skirt is the right kind of fun you can add to your look. Pair this up with a short knotted plain top.

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

8. Party Perfect

8. short skirts

If you want to make a statement on the next night out, this is the skirt to get. To add a hint of quirk to the look, we’d recommend you to pair this with a plain white shirt. Need another reason to buy it? Well, this has Karan Johar’s approval!

Price: Rs 1,997. Buy it here.

9. White Wonder

9. short skirts

Every girl needs something crochet in her wardrobe. This white skirt is just right for that high powered meeting you need to attend next week. Get it while it still is at 60% off!

Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

10. Asymmetric Awesomeness

10. short skirts

For the days when you feel a bit bloated, this skirt is perfect. It’ll not only make you look and feel sexy, the crinkled, pleated texture will also be very flattering for your body type.

Price: Rs 853. Buy it here.

11. Casual Chic

11. short skirts

Do you know something? Suspenders are in! Get ahead on this trend by getting this super chic black skirt with suspenders. Pair it up with a bright plain shirt and you’ll be trendiest girl around!

Price: Rs 1,116. Buy it here.

12. Lace Love

12. short skirts

No, you can’t have enough lace in your wardrobe! There is something so feminine and pretty about lace detailing that it can make even the most boring outfits, glam. So add a bit of glamour to your look with this beautiful blue skirt.

Price: Rs 1,197. Buy it here.

13. Denim FTW

13. short skirts

You can never complete a list of skirts without that perfect denim skirt. Every girl’s gotta have at least one perfect denim skirt that works for every possible ‘scene’. So here’s our pick of a beautiful skater skirt with gorgeous embroidered roses

Price: Rs 1,699. Buy it here.

14. Flower Girl

14. short skirts

We love flowers and we love black. This black sheer skirt is right for the days when you feel a little flirty, yet don’t want to go OTT. Isn’t it perfect for a weekend brunch date?

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

15. Flirty Frills

15. short skirts

Buy this one for the next birthday party you have to attend. It’s so chic and pretty and the frill adds just right kind of drama you need.

Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

Go on and pick your favourite one, or two! *wink*

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