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Jet, Set, Escape: 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies For An Adventurous Binge Sesh!

As much as some of you might contest this thought, we are of the belief that sci-fi movies happen to be a great escape. Parallel universes, time travel, alien lives, and crazy mysteries, seriously, what’s not to like? Now, with the holiday season in full swing and literally nowhere to go (courtesy coronavirus pandemic), as you go about frantically searching for interesting movies to watch, might we suggest a sci-fi marathon to help you with a sense of escape? Here are the 15 best sci-fi movies online that you need to watch:

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix

Sci Fi Movies on Netflix


Stocked with an arsenal of some of the best sci-fi movies of all time, Netflix has to be your go-to spot in case you are in the mood for a full-blown sci-fi marathon. That said, here’s a curation of five POPxo-approved sci-fi movies on Netflix that you are sure to like:


How many times have we been told about climate change and how it is almost irreversible in recent times? Snowpiercer is a film that conveys just that in the most haunting way possible. Set on the premise of a climate-correction experiment gone wrong, the film revolves around the last few humans left on Earth. As all of these surviving inhabitants of the Earth find themselves confined in a globe-trotting train, things quickly take a turn for the worst. Just like most dystopian films, this one too features criticism of the class system and how humans find a way to draw hierarchies no matter wherever they go. It is easily one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.



So this unique sci-fi movie is about finding love in the digital age but not how we slip into DMs and shiz. Nope! This is a film about a man who ends up falling in love with a voice operating system. Samantha, conceived by artificial intelligence, is a sentient voice in the film that ends up evoking feelings of love in a newly single writer. The film at length discovers the rise of AI and how tech has taken over our very lives and emotions. 


A hard-hitting satire on corporate greed and scientific ethics, Okja follows the story of a young South Korean girl who is ready to go to all lengths to save her genetically engineered “Superpig” from the evil clutches of a multinational conglomerate. Featuring elements that can be used to define it as a sci-fi movie, Okja actually is more of a genre-defying narrative and quite an immersive watch. 


This sci-fi movie on Netflix is for everyone who is tired of being told that career opportunities for women begin to diminish with the advancement of their age. This film explores the long-debated idea of uploading someone’s consciousness into a new body. It follows the story of a woman who has just been fired from her job while working in a cut-throat world that favours young women. This woman has to ensure that her daughter has a safe future and thus agrees to become a test subject for a procedure that claims to transfer one’s consciousness in a new body.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

This sci-fi movie is an experience in itself. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch happens to be Netflix’s first interactive which means that the viewer gets to decide the fate of the characters. That said, the Black Mirror series as a whole is rather immersive and this film is no different.

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Amazon Prime

Sci Fi Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

From Inception to Interstellar, Amazon Prime boasts of some of the most immersive sci-fi movies of all time, and here are five of our favourites from the lot:

Infinity Chamber

If immersive, intensive movies are your thing then Infinity Chamber is just the film for you. The film follows the story of a man who finds himself in a futuristic prison complete with a ceiling-mounted AI to accompany this prisoner who’s fervently looking for an escape. This is easily one of the best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime and it would have you completely engrossed with all its twists and turns. 


All for the concept of a parallel universe and alternate timelines? If you answer this with a “yes” then this sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime is what you should be streaming right now. It follows the stories of 8 individuals who begin questioning the reality of life and the nature of realities after a comet swish passes by the planet and end up creating multiple realities and timelines in the wake. 


What if you could control all your dreams? Wait, not just control but literally script them! This sci-fi film on Amazon Prime needs to be on your watchlist irrespective of your movie and genre preferences. Yes, it is that good! The film follows the story of a professional thief who can steal secrets from people’s dreams. Intriguing, right? Well, you gotta watch this one! 


In case you happen to like the sort of complex films that have you making notes and googling frantically, Interstellar is just what you need to watch. Also, it would be an understatement if we say that it is one of the best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime ‘cuz it’s honestly one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. The film opens in an apocalyptic future where the planet is becoming more and more uninhabitable by the day. The only solution? To find a new planet to live on. What follows is an ex-pilot and farmer’s tryst with wormholes, black holes, and time lags. There is no way you can miss out on this one. 


In the world of AI, the idea of self-governing machines is perhaps the most alarming one. And yet, we humans, somehow remain fixated on it. Well, the Matrix trilogy is a fictional peek into what might unfold if machines became self-aware and self-governing. The film is based on a generation of machines that became self-aware enough to take over humans and then imprison them in a virtual reality system. Rest assured this sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime is a great watch. 

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Disney+ Hotstar

Disney Hotstar Sci fi Movies

Disney+ Hotstar

Looking for some off-beat sci-fi movies? Might we recommend Disney+ Hotstar? Here are five films that’ll surely leave you impressed:

The Martian

Set in the year 2035, this sci-fi movie on Disney+ Hotstar follows the story of a lost astronaut who has been stranded on Mars. The film is about how he is accidentally left behind during a failed mission with no way for his team to track his whereabouts. The film thus narrates his story and how he manages to survive so as to make it back to the Earth. 

I Am Mother

This sci-fi movie on Disney+ Hotstar follows a series of complicated events that start with extinction and activation of a secret bunker especially designed for repopulating the Earth. This bunker is home to a robot called Mother who ends up artificially begetting a child who is eventually named Daughter. She then goes on teaching all the lessons of virtues, morals, and ethics. However, Daughter gets more and more curious and starts yearning for the world outside and thus ends up introducing a woman to the bunker who poses a threat to Mother.  

Altered Carbon

This is hands down one of the best sci-fi movies on Disney+ Hotstar. Set in the year 2384, the film is based on a rather interesting premise. Humans have finally found a way to store and thus create a disk of human consciousness and memories making people virtually immortal. However, what happens when these discs end up in the wrong hands?  


So this is one of those films that need no introduction and we are well aware that when we recommend it to you, we are mostly recommending a re-watch. And we’d still go ahead because that’s how epic this sci-fi movie on Disney+ Hotstar is. The film follows the story of a paraplegic Marine who decides to go to Pandora, an alien world. It is there that he forges a beautiful bond with the tribal people and a romantic connection with one of the aliens as he joins in a war against evil. 

Alita- Battle Angel

An American cyberpunk-action film, Alita- Battle Angel is actually based on a Japanese manga series and follows a rather interesting storyline. The film follows the story of a battle cyborg who is revived by a doctor. The doctor eventually realises that this cyborg has a teenager’s soul and that’s when the latter goes on a journey to learn about her past and find out about her real identity. 


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So fam all set for a sci-fi movies binge watch?

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18 Dec 2020

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