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Sweet And Heartwarming Teenage Movies To Binge-Watch Over The Weekend

Sweet And Heartwarming Teenage Movies To Binge-Watch Over The Weekend

Being a teenager is no easy feat! Some days, all you want to do is party with your girlfriends and other days, throw on a comfy sweatshirt and binge on some iconic teenage movies. Cause let’s be real, there are plenty of genres but nothing comes close to teenage movies, right? After all, it’s always fun to watch a flick that you can relate to! Which is why we decided to round up a few movies to watch for teens that cover everything from dealing with those awkwards moments with your crush to figuring out your career move. Check it out: 

Movies To Watch For Teens

TBH, searching for movies to watch for teens can be a real task! Which is why we’re sure you’re going to love our list of teenage movies. 

Eighth Grade 

Eighth Grade is about Kayla, a shy, socially anxious girl trying to get by the last few weeks of middle school. She may be the most quiet girl at school but at home, she posts online self-help and motivational videos. The teenage movie portrays typical middle school life of a not so popular kid: an awkward encounter with her crush, a forced invitation to a queen bee’s pool party for the would-be ninth graders and so on. 

Forrest Gump

Based on the novel by the same name by Winston Groom, the story is about an intellectually challenged and incredibly sweet Forrest Gump, who manages to be on the scene in memorable moments of American history. A powerful and charming movie!

Hollywood Teenage Movies

There’s nothing like a classic hollywood teenage movie after a long day, right? If you happen to agree, then check out these fab picks for your next binge fest! 

Mean Girls 

Best films for teenagers

We cannot talk about teenage movies without mentioning the best films for teenagers of all time! Mean Girls sheds light on the life of Cady who joins a new school and befriends Janis and Damian. The two warn her to avoid the Plastics, a group led by Regina, but things get worse when she falls for Regina’s boyfriend! Smart, funny and oh-so-entertaining! 


Clueless follows Beverly Hills teenager Cher Horowitz as she befriends a new student at school and navigates the trials of adolescence, popularity, and…step-sibling romance. Also, bookmark those iconic plaid outfits!  

Lady Bird 

If you’re not one who enjoys a mushy teenage movie, then we’ve found the perf film for you! Lady Bird follows a high school senior, Christine Lady Bird McPherson, who faces a lot of ups and downs in her relationships during her senior year in high school. 

Bollywood Teenage Movies

Bollywood has produced many films on teenage friendships and college romances that young audiences can connect to. Have a look at these Bollywood teenage movies that don’t dissapoint! 

Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar 

A typical Bollywood film that depicts the life of a teenager perfectly. It has drama, romance, heartbreak, rivalry and so much more. Plus, the song Pehla Nasha is the perfect song to send to your crush! *Wink wink*

MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar

If you’ve had a high school relationship, then you’re going to find this one relatable AF! The movie is about Rohan and Ayesha, whose relationship turns sour due to rumours about them seeing other people. They part ways only to eventually realise their mistake. 

Student Of The Year

Bollywood Teenage Movies

The plot revolves around high school BFFs Abhimanyu and Rohan whose friendship is affected after they compete to win a title and then Abhi falls for Rohan’s GF, Shanaya. SOTY is fun, entertaining and high on drama! 

Teenage Movies On Amazon Prime 

Searching for teenage movies on Amazon Prime? Look no further as we’ve listed down some fab options that you’re going to love! 

Vampire Academy 

Who doesn’t enjoy a great vampire watch, right? And this one of the best vampire films for teenagers ever! The plot revolves around Rose, a half-human, half-vampire, who must do whatever it takes to protect her best friend Lissa, the princess of the Moroi, from evil forces. Unpredictable plot twists, complicated love triangles and some major drama makes this movie a must-watch! 

The Duff 

The Duff is all about a fictional character named Biance who decides to change after realising that she is being used by people to get to her popular friends. A hilarious and heartwarming high-school comedy that’ll you’ll enjoy! 

Teenage Movies On Netflix

If you’re looking for teenage movies on Netflix, then we’ve got you covered! From teenage drama movies on Netflix to good teenage movies on Netflix— you’re going to love our list of films! 

The Kissing Booth 

eenage Movies on Netflix

You cannot call yourself a Netflix fan if you haven’t heard about this hit movie of 2018. The Kissing Booth follows the complicated life of Elle who finds herself face-to-face with her long term crush when she signs up to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival. Sweet, wholesome and perhaps the cutest teenage films out there! 

About Time 

About Time is a science-fiction film, in which the lead protagonist has the ability to travel back in time and fix things that went wrong. This movie actually teaches you how that isn’t really a good thing (even if it was somehow possible). Towards the end, the lead character himself gives up on his abilities and learns to live life as and when it happens. 

All The Bright Places 

All the Bright Places is a good teenage movie on Netflix that is based on a book. The film is about high schoolers, Violet, who is grieving for her sister and Finch, who is struggling with depression. The two fall in love while working together on a school project but their love involves trauma and tragedy. P.s it would be wise to keep a box of tissues handy when you’re watching this one! 

More Movies You’ll Love

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So fam, ready to grab some popcorn and binge-watch these fab teenage movies over the weekend?

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20 Oct 2021
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