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#BingeAlert: The Best Hollywood Movies To Watch During Christmas Break!

#BingeAlert: The Best Hollywood Movies To Watch During Christmas Break!


If you’re a cinephile like me and your idea of chilling includes your laptop and a tub of ice cream, then we’ve got your winter holidays sorted. It is true that the year is coming to an end we have very little time and so many movies to binge-watch, but if you do one movie every week from the list that we’ve made for you, you might be able to catch up on at least all the latest Hollywood movies. 

While we’ve got the best ones from 2019 for you, we have also compiled a list of the upcoming Hollywood movies that can prove to be worthy of your time in 2020 as well. Some of these are cult classics and others will simply make you feel great. So, fire up some popcorn, get set to binge on these!

Horror Movies That Will Spook You


Filmmakers have introduced the new golden age of horror recently. From The Nun to The Joker, there are plenty of horror flicks that will get your adrenaline pumping. Skip that vacation in 2020 and try watching these terrifying movies instead. 

IT: Chapter Two


If IT (One) wasn’t enough to scare the daylights out of you, 2019 saw IT: Chapter Two. This one is for anybody who is literally craving to get a dose of Stephen King’s thrilling clown horror. You will not regret watching IT Part 2 (as it is popularly called) but be ready to not quite compare it with the first one. This one is about facing a monster that manifests as your biggest fear. The story plot revolves around Pennywise who makes a comeback after 27 long years to haunt the adults (who were kids in IT). The cast of part 2, in fact, can be considered better in the sequel as compared to part 1. This movie can be treated as a respectable entry into Stephen King’s world.

Watch the trailer below.




Honestly, this is one of the most relatable horror movies ever made. The premise alone of the movie is enough to scare you. Let us think of a practical situation- don’t you think that or phones will kill us at some point of time? In Countdown, there is an app that has gone viral and after you’ve downloaded it, the app will tell you that you are about to die and eventually the world will come to an end. While it sounds hilarious initially, it takes no time for a series of events to take place. The characters gradually determine that there seems to be truth behind this particular app when they actually dial down the numbers. The entire plot then revolves around the leads in the film trying to figure out what is actually happening before time literally runs out of their hands.

Watch the trailer below.


Joker (2019)


Released earlier this year, Joker is one of the scariest psychological thrillers of all time. Directed by Todd Phillips, the film is based on DC Comics’ characters and stars Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. Arthur Fleck, in the movie, is a character that is a failed stand-up comedian and ends up becoming a joker after a slew of certain unfortunate events take place. The movie is definitely a must watch and will keep you gripped till the end. Many in the audience, even wish for another part of the movie. 

Watch the trailer below.


Annabelle Comes Home


After the phenomenal and horrifying experience of ‘The Conjuring’ in 2013 and ‘The Conjuring 2’ in 2016, the eighth overall installment of the Conjuring Universe (including movies like The Nun), is all set to release ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, also being referred to as ‘The Conjuring 3’. This is another supernatural horror from the franchise and you know that you’re gonna go watch this movie. Both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be stepping back into their roles as paranormal investigators in this one.

Watch the trailer below.


The Grudge

Best English Movies - The Grudge

Youtube – Best English Movies

This one is a psychological horror that is expected to hit the big screen on January 2, 2020. The plot of the story revolves around a young mother who murders her family in her own house. Therefore, a single mother who is also a detective tries to investigate and solve the case. It is only later during the course of the movie that she discovers that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms the ones who enter with a scary and extremely tragic death.

Fantasy Island


An upcoming movie which is expected to release on February 14, 2020, Fantasy Island is an American fantasy horror film which is based on an American television series of the very same name- Fantasy Island. It stars a couple of our favourites like Lucy Hale, Ryan Hansen etc and will definitely take you to a scary fantasy world. 

Watch the trailer below.


Comedy Films For A Laugh Riot


All of us could definitely use a reason to laugh whether it is in 2019 or 2020. So we have compiled a list of comedy movies for you which not only have an essence of great humour but are also equally thoughtful. If you’re having a bad day or you simply need a good lol, these comedies will have your back. 



This one is a fantasy/comedy genre movie. It revolves around Dr. John Dolittle who lives in solitude in his grand manor in the 19th century England. To give him some company, he has different kinds of exotic animals who speak to him regularly. There is a Queen Victoria also in the movie who becomes gravely ill at one point in the movie and then the eccentric doctor and his furry friends embark on an epic adventure to help treat her. They wish to find a cure in a mythical island that they visit. This one will release in India on January 17, 2020.

Watch the trailer here.


Like a Boss


Like Boss is a tale of two friends who create & build a successful beauty company from scratch. But things take a difficult turn when a buyout offer begins to test their friendship. While the plot doesn’t sound funny at all, the differences that make the two act up and put them to war will strike a hilarious chord with you and you wouldn’t be able to help but laugh at it. This one is slated to release on January 10, 2020.

Watch the trailer here. 


Long Shot


Starring Seth Rogen, Long Shot is a reporter in this movie who ends up crossing paths with his babysitter as life progresses. You must be wondering what is so hilarious about it? Well, the twist is that this former babysitter happens to be the Secretary of State now. What seems like an impossible set up proves to be charming enough to attract humour. 

Watch the trailer here.




Zachary Levi has done a fantastic job with this comedy. He has stepped into the shoes of Shazam, the superhero, quite literally. This one is a hilarious story of a teenage boy who can turn into a superhero each time he says ‘Shazam’. Now, how unpredictable is that? Just kidding! This one is a surprisingly sincere take on the DC Comics character and you’d have a laugh riot for sure.

Watch the trailer here.


Action- The Hollywood Way

What comes to your mind when you think of action movies? To me, action films are all about cars blowing up, people kicking each other, dramatic fight sequences, toned bodies and what not! We’ve compiled a list of some of those superhero based movies which are definitely worth your time.

Avengers: Endgame

This of course had to make it to our list! And, why not? One, Evans owns Endgame. Let’s get some some common ground here, guys. He is the glue that holds the movie together- right from the beginning till the end. Two, it is filled with moments that every action-lover and fanboy would ever want to see. Third and the most important reason is that the endgame showcases every plot that’s been building up since a decade in the most apt way possible.

Watch the trailer here.

My Spy

This action movie revolves around a nine-year-old Sophie who ends up catching JJ, who in turn is a hardened CIA operative. This one ends up spying on her own family during a surveillance operation. JJ begrudgingly agrees to show the girl how to become a spy in return for making her vouch to not reveal her secret cover. You have to watch it to believe it. 

Watch the trailer here.

Red Notice

Who doesn’t love The Rock from WWE? I am sure even if most of us don’t watch WWE, we know who he is and we definitely swoon over his body and looks! Watch this one for Dwayne Johnson, guys. This is from the makers of Skyscraper and Central Intelligence. Dwayne, in this movie plays an Interpol agent who is tasked with capturing the most wanted thief in the world who steals… guess what? Art!

Watch the latest on this movie here.

Bad Boys for Life

Slated for release in 2020, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is an action/thriller movie where old-school cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett team up to take down a dangerous drug dealer. While the plot seems generic, it is the actors who promise a rather powerful performance. 

Watch the trailer here.

The King’s Man

This is a one man movie. The plot revolves around the race against time to stop the world from coming to an end. This is where history’s worst tyrants and criminals unite to wage a war against humanity. Their aim is to wipe out people and this is where action, of course, comes to play. 

Watch the trailer here.

Drama/ Thriller Movies To Wake Up The Spy In You


Who doesn’t like a bit of drama and suspense in movies? We all do and hence, this list is a must-watch!



You wouldn’t want to miss a drama like this. David Dunn, in this movie has tried to stay one step ahead of the law as he plans on delivering vigilante justice in Philadelphia. Now, you would definitely expect a thriller with a topic as serious as that of justice, right? But that is not it. His special talents put him on a collision with the Beast, who is a superhuman. He finally encounters Elijah Price, the criminal mastermind who leads to a critical and secretive turn of events. This one just released in January 2019 but it still makes it to our list.

Watch the trailer here.


The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil


Fan of Korean drama? Well, the crime thriller ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil’ is a not-so straight forward storyline which will keep you riveted. However, this one is also a little tricky since it wouldn’t take long for you to figure out if you are in or out of this one. Sylvester Stallone, Ma Dong-seok and Kim Mu-yeol make this one of the most perfect watches. They collaborate to hunt down a common enemy of course and a serial killer, known only as K! (Kim Sung-kyu). Now, that’s both dramatic and funny. He’s not exactly the devil but is also not less than one of those. K, in this movie, has a weird way of selecting his victims. He does so by getting into minor traffic accidents with them and by eventually stabbing them at the time when they step out to inspect all the damages done. 

Best Movies to Watch Hollywood - The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

Youtube – Best Hollywood Movies to Watch

Cold Pursuit

This one is a dark comedy crime movie. This one will remind you of ‘Taken’ which was a straight-forward crime saga and not quite an action-thriller. The plot of the  movie revolves around a driver named Nels Coxman (Neeson). This one seems to be a rather psychotic killer who not only slains all the drug dealers but also stores their bodies in an ice-cold river to preserve them for as long as possible. Now, wouldn’t that literally give you the chills? But, there is a detailed story behind why he sets on this path. He turns into a killer after the death of his son, Kyle, who dies of a heroin overdose despite Nel’s claims of Kyle never being a druggie. While the film’s central revenge plot seems to be tedious to a large extent, the margins of the plot are also considerably filled with scraggly characters. While some critics might describe it as overlong and undercooked, Cold Pursuit is definitely worth a watch.  

Watch the trailer here.


The Rhythm Section


This one is a thriller and mystery where Stephanie Patrick travels down a path of self-destruction. This after tragedy strikes him and how? His entire family gets killed in a tragic plane crash. But what seems to be an accident initially turns out to be a murder. Stephanie then embarks on a bloody quest for revenge. Adding to the murder mystery/ thriller, she wants to punish those responsible for killing her loved ones.

Watch the trailer here.


Angel Has Fallen


Gerard Butler, in Angel Has Fallen takes an even more grittier approach. In this movie, he puts on the role of a Secret Service Agent (Mike Banning) as he goes on the run. The storyline is a classic fugitive-style after Butler getst framed for an assassination attempt on the President of the United States (Freeman). Honestly, I would watch this one for Gerard Butler alone. Thanks to his charm and self-aware performance, this brilliant actor is definitely a treat to the eyes. Grace, gun-toting appearances and loads of thriller, this movie should be on your list of the must-watch for that lazy weekend.

Watch the trailer here.


Romantic Films For The Lovebirds


All of us are die-hard romantics on the interior, right? I absolutely love the idea of love and there is no better way to celebrate this feeling that to take out some time to watch these movies as you kickstart 2020.

Isn’t It Romantic


This one is a rom-com that you definitely should not miss. The film is charming enough and for those who are fans of Rebel Wilson’s Natalie, you might feel that the movie at some point lacked self-assuredness that the character deserved to have. If you, however love romance with a message- you must watch this one. 

Watch the trailer here.


The Photograph


This one is a dramatic romance tale that is slated for release in 2020. The plot revolves around famed photographer Christina Eames who dies unexpectedly. The one who mourns the loss the most is her estranged daughter, Mae who is extremely hurt, angry and full of questions about life. She then finds a photograph tucked away in a safe-deposit box. Then begins a quest that leads into a romantic date with a rising journalist as she wishes to find answers. What better date to release this movie if not Valentine’s Day? This one will hit the big screen on February 14, guys. Save the date!

Watch this space to know more about the movie.


The Lovebirds 


This one is a classic American romance movie. As the name suggests, it seems to be a no-brainer that the movie would revolve around two people who are totally in love with each other. Much to our surprise, however, this one will not release on February 14 but is expected to hit the theatres on April 3, 2020.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You


Remember ‘P.S I love You’ and ‘To All The Boys I Ever Loved’? Well, this one seems to be a mix of these two movies. Is it going to be the best of both worlds? While it is based on Jenny Han’s P.S I love You, it is also a sequel to 2018 movie, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. This one is expected to be out on February 12, 2020. 


What About Love


What started as a tale of two people visiting Europe to make a movie on people’s attitude towards love, turned into a love story of their own. Little did these two young people, Tanner and Christian (who went to Europe in summer) realise that what they were filming was their own love story. Well, it doesn’t end here. Tragedy strikes both of them and things take an upsetting turn. However, Christian’s life is ultimately saved by the movie they made. Now isn’t this the perfect romantic tale that you’d want to watch as you step into the new year. This one hits the theatres on February 14, 2020.

The French Dispatch


Lots of drama and lots of romance- the French Dispatch is a movie that promises to take you on a journey of its own. A perfect rom-com, this American-German film stars Frances McDormand and well, isn’t that enough? Keep some time spare for this one as it releases on 2020. 


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Watch this space to know more about the movie.


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