Curly Hair, We Do Care: 8 Of The Best Hair Brushes To Deal With Knots And Tangles

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 21, 2021
Curly Hair, We Do Care: 8 Of The Best Hair Brushes To Deal With Knots And Tangles


Hands up if you’ve gone through days when your hair is so tangled that all you wanna do is cry? Same, pal, same. Just the mere thought of working through those impossible snarls is enough to make us consider a major haircut. TBH, the best of hairbrushes can fall short when we try to pass them through a head full of tangles and knots. That said, a brush also has a huge bearing on how our hair looks.

Fortunately, there are certain top-rated hair brushes that can tackle even the toughest of tangles and make the styling process a lot easier. So, to protect our God-given texture from damage, breakage, and split ends, we’re listing down the best hair brushes to carefully tackle knots with minimal pain or tear. 

The Best Detangling Brushes That Work Miraculously On Every Type Of Hair

Rozia Pro Hair Brush Wooden Detangling Brushes

This isn’t your average hair brush. The gilded bristles of the brush will glide effortlessly through dry or wet hair, gently detangling while simultaneously stimulating circulation in the scalp – a key to promote healthy hair growth. We recommend this brush as it’s gentle and won’t interfere with the cuticle of the hair. It’s indeed one of the best hair brushes.

Suitable for: To gently detangle and promote healthy hair growth.

Ikonic Women Black No Knot Oval Brush

If you are looking to maximize your curls’ bounce and shape, this brush is worth adding to your vanity. Unlike most other brushes that create tension on the cuticle while smoothing out the locks, this brush is very gentle to the hair and is ideal for all hair types, especially for folks with thin or thick curly hair. It’s one of the top professional hair brushes.

Suitable for: Perf for folks with thin or thick curly hair. 

Vega Mini Paddle Brush

If you’re looking to elevate the look of your vanity, think no further and add this brush to your hair care arsenal. It works amazing on all hair types and especially great on hair that’s shoulder-length and longer, relieving your from knots big to small. This top rated hair brush also comes handy when you want to give your hair a sleek finish.

Suitable for: To detangle and give a sleek look.

Bare Essentials Detangling Hair Brush

This top professional hair brush from bare essentials is ideal for detangling and defining curly and coily textures. You can also use this brush in the shower to work out the conditioner from tip to roots. This paddle shaped brush easily detangles hair and helps make it smooth and shiny. The gentle bristles prevent snagging and tugging while the rounded tips give your scalp a gentle massage.

Suitable for: To detangle curly hair.

Alan Truman The Blow Brush – Green

Want to give yourself a salon-finish blowout? Look no further as this hair brush is raved about among stylists and hair experts alike, and it was designed specifically keeping curly hair in mind. That said, it glides smoothly on all kinds of hair textures without ripping, damaging or breaking it.

Suitable for: All hair types can use it for a salon-finish blowout.

Philips EasyShine Ionic Styling Brush HP4722/20

On days when you wish to ace a Kylie-approved sleek hair do and tame those flyaways, this best quality hair brush will give you two must-have tools for the price of one, as it’s the perfect product to grab when layering your edges with a hair styling gel or when you want to get rid of frizz and flyaways to make a head-turning statement.

Suitable for: All hair types

Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush – Pink Embrace

If your hair falls flat just after you shampoo it, try using this hair brush that will give you the voluminous hair of your damn dreams without bleeding your bank account. This is one of the best hair brushes to give your hair more height with minimal breakage or damage making it great for fine hair. Add it to your cart and get ready for the fluffy, bouncy and professional-looking hair in the comfort of your home.

Suitable for: To give bounce and volume to thin hair

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Finisher Hairbrush – Black

You’d be hard pressed to find a beauty savant who doesn’t love this top hair brush, as the brand is the literal gold standard of hair brushes. The teeth allow the brush to glide through for gentle snag-free styling while increasing smoothness and shine. This is one of the best hair brushes for dry styling. 

Suitable for: To style thin hair

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