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How To Pick The Right Hairbrush, Based On Your Hair Type

How To Pick The Right Hairbrush, Based On Your Hair Type

Do you have just one hairbrush that you use on both wet and dry hair? Well, most of us do. No, there’s nothing wrong with that except for the fact that every hair type requires a different type of hairbrush, and you could be using the wrong one.

So, let’s understand what kind of hairbrush you need to start using because your tresses deserve some love too!

Different Hairbrushes For Different Hair Types

If you feel like your hair is extra dry and damaged, then there may be some things that you may be doing without even realising it that’s causing the problem. And choosing the wrong type of hairbrush is one of them. There’s nothing to worry about, we’re here to solve all your mane troubles!

For Curly Hair

Where are our curly-haired beauties at?


Curly hair is definitely the hardest to tame as you know, and it’s the only kind of hair that tends to looks messier if you brush it. But with the right kind of hairbrush, this will be the least of your problems. Use a hairbrush that has wide bristles so that it helps keep your hair detangled.

Using a heated hairbrush once in a while is also advisable as it’ll not only calm down that frizzy hair but also help you style your hair to look more manageable. Just don’t forget to use a heat protectant before and hair serum afterward.

For Long Hair

Before we tell you the kind of hairbrush you need for long hair, make sure you’re using it correctly first. That means start with brushing the ends and then move upwards in small sections. Otherwise, your hair will break no matter what kind of brush you use.

For all the Rapunzels here, use a hairbrush that has a nice grip so that it makes brushing a whole lot easier. Using a wide brush is also nice as you can detangle a large chunk of your hair easily, making it easier to style and manage.


For Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair is a big no-no but if you have long or curly hair, it is better to detangle your strands while they’re still wet. Use a handy hairbrush that’s specially meant to detangle your mane and then let it dry naturally. Follow it up by applying your go-to hair serum.

While Washing Hair

Yes, you can totally use a hairbrush when you’re shampooing your hair. And hell yes, there are specific ones for the same.

Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation which boosts hair growth. So, using a hair massaging brush that’s specifically meant for massaging your hair when you’re shampooing it will not only make sure your hair is squeaky clean but also helps with hair growth.

For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, then you should definitely be switching to using a round brush. Always use it slowly and gently, without damaging your hair strands and trust us, excessive breakage will be a thing of the past.


For Oily Hair

If you have put oil on your hair, use a wooden, wide-tooth comb hairbrush as it’ll help penetrate the oils better into the scalp and also not lead to hair breakage.

Being more mindful of the hairbrush you’re using can transform your haircare routine.

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08 Nov 2020

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