Dealing With Hair Breakage? A Wet Brush Might Be The Answer To All Your Woes

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jul 16, 2021
Dealing With Hair Breakage? A Wet Brush Might Be The Answer To All Your Woes




While brushing our hair seems like a daily, mundane task, it actually requires some amount of know how. Thanks to our best friend, the flat iron and comfort hobby, colouring our tresses, our strands feel destressed and damaged. This is obviously especially true during the monsoon when your mane is even more prone to breakage. 

If you have a million knots in your hair after you shampoo and try to comb through it then let me tell you, you need a special brush for this. Wet hair is more sensetive and should be avoided being brushed through but if you can’t help yourself from doing so then you’ve gotta switch to a wet hair brush.

What Is A Wet Hair Brush?



A wet hair brush is especially designed to be used on both wet and dry hair and is built to cause the least amount of damage to your tresses. It has super soft bristles that are closely packed together that gently detangle your strands without tugging and pulling them apart. 

It also helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp and hair because it massages it too while brushing. When this happens, the nutrients flow more easily to the hair follicles which promote hair growth and strengthen it from within.

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Here Are Some Wet Hair Brushes That Will Save Your Tresses:

This one is a bestseller and for good reason. It has extremely soft bristles that combs through and detangles the hair in no time and with minimum damage. It even massages the scalp and feels relaxing.

This is a more budget-friendly alternative for a wet hair brush. It has soft and flexible bristles that help in taking out knots with ease. It doesn’t pull or tug at the strands causing minimum breakage. 

This brush is specially designed with vents to help hair dry faster and for the blow dryer to work more effeciently. It seperates the strands, detangles them and reducces both breakage and pain.

This one works for both wet and dry hair and helps prevent damage. This mini brush is easy to carry in your handbang and great to get ready on-the-go. You’ll have smooth and tangle-free hair once you start using this.

Apart from this, remember to oil your hair regularly, massage your scalp well and always apply heat protectant spray before subjecting your hair to heat styling. Hope you have a good hair day!

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