All For That Comfy Girl Life? Here Are 15+ Flat Shoes For Women That’ll Keep You Covered

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jun 22, 2021
flat sandals for women


The pandemic lockdown and all the home time in the past year or so really did get us used to the comfy girl life, right? Well, let’s all just be honest and simply accept that wearing heels feels like a distant dream right now. But you know what? It’s absolutely alright as long as there exist flat sandals for women. Now, we aren’t going to pretend like they are the best thing that can happen to a woman or that they even get close to the super suave heels. However, they do have their own perks, comfort reigning numero uno of them all. 

As the pandemic begins to abate (hopefully) and things inch towards normalcy, our best guess is that all of you would like to keep it simple and comfy in the beginning. It’s legit like restarting your entire fashion girl life and we plan to do it one step at a time, in our comfy flats of course. Well, in case you have similar plans, here is a curation of comfy flats for women that won’t disappoint: 

Best Flat Sandals for Women

Think flats are never enough to make an impression? Well, here are the 8 best women’s flats that’ll prove you wrong!

Flat Mojris For Women

There was no way that we were going to start this list without the trusty mojris. These are legit queens of ladies’ flat shoes and are as versatile as it gets. Seriously, from that mulmul saree to that skater skirt, you can legit wear them with it all. 

Ballet Flats For The Win

An everyday staple, ballerina flats happen to be utilitarian AF. Long things short, these are a must-have in ladies’ flat sandals arsenal and this Monrow beauty would look good with almost everything in your wardrobe. 

Colour Pop Flats

At the moment, Zara’s latest show collection is absolutely lit. Think of it as the high street offspring of Manolo Blahnik and Amina Muaddi. Yes, that chic! Thankfully for us, we managed to score these pop coloured flats for women which happen to be as cool as their heel collection. 

Dressy Black Flats For Women

Think flat shoes don’t look dressy enough? These slingback loafer mules by Charles & Keith are here to change your mind. We quite stan the design and recommend these black flats for women in case you might be looking for something equally dressy and stylish.

Easy Breezy Flats

Looking for something to casually slip on every time you go out this season? These nude flat slippers for ladies by Carlton London will surely interest you. 

The Comfiest Flats In Town

Looking for something uber comfortable? Might we suggest these dual strap white flats by Crocs? The only problem with these flats is that you might be too spoilt for anything else. 

The Unmissable Kohlapuri

A pretty pair of the traditional Kohlapuris is a must in your flat footwear collection and these beauties by FabIndia would be the perfect addition to your shoe closet. 

Pointed Toe Flats For Some Extra Glamm

Like it flat but dramatic? These pointed-toe flats by Oceedee need to be in your shopping cart stat.

Best Flat Shoes For Women

Pretty sure that the entire Cinderella and Prince charming story would not have happened had she been wearing snug sneakers instead of the ill-fitted slippers that night. Well, to each their own. On that note, let us declare our love for flat shoes for women, and here is a curation that will have you equally enamored:

Unique Sneakers

In case you happen to be a sneaker hoarder, you’ll find these retro meets contemporary beauties by Melissa particularly interesting. These have to be on your shortlist in case you are scouting for ladies’ flat shoes right now. 

Embroidered Flat Shoes

Up next our sneaker shortlist happens to be these lace-up, round toe, embroidered sneakers by Aldo. The red thread on the nude base surely has our heart. Hbu?

Versatile Flat Shoes

Looking for flat shoes for women that can also double as your workout buddies? These soft knit Lola shoes by Happenstance will surely interest you.

Pastel Sneakers

Have a thing for pastel hues and solid sneakers? These lace-up casual shoes by United Colours of Benetton and their striking lilac hue will surely catch your fancy:

Flat Wedding Shoes

Okay, what’s your take on flat wedding shoes? Well, we think they are rad and here’s pair that you will find particularly stunning!

The Trusty White Sneakers

How can we possibly make a list of flat shoes for women and miss out on the versatile white sneakers? 

The Solid Pink Sneakers

While you might be all about solid white sneakers, we highly recommend that you give these baby pink beauties a glance. 

Denim Sneakers? Yes Please!

Denim shoes–blah or cool? Well, we say they are cool and can legit help you win the fashion game when styled right. In case you happen to agree, these denim sneakers by Green Soul will serve as a great buy. 

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So ladies, did you get your fill of the chicest flat sandals online?

Featured Image: Aldo_shoes on Instagram