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15 Dark Lipstick Shades: Sultry Lipsticks For EVERY Skin Tone!

15 Dark Lipstick Shades: Sultry Lipsticks For EVERY Skin Tone!

On days when you feel too lazy to really do up your face, it is striking dark lipstick shades that come to your rescue and picks your look right up, isn’t it? And it is for reasons such as this, that having some awesome lipstick colour for you dark lips is an absolute must. While many of us try to steer clear of some sultry, dark, all-too-bold lipsticks, it is these shades that are, in fact, the most eye-catching. So ladies, whether you have a fair, dusky or wheatish complexion, we give you 15 fabulous dark lipsticks for every skintone! You really can’t go wrong with these.


Here Are The Top 15 Dark Lipstick Colours!

1. Blue Heaven Xpression Lipstick – Buttered Rum

1 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

This soft-textured lipstick colour for dark lips is infused with emollients not only moisturizes the lips well, but also glides onto the lips with ease. This highly pigmented shade is one that is sure to get you lots of attention wherever you wear it, ladies. 

Price: Rs 125.

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2. Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Wild Orchid

2 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

The deep orchid shade, the creamy formula and the pleasant fragrance it gives out makes this lippie a winner. We totally love the vibe of this dark lipstick colour and once you have it in your make-up kit, it is sure to become your favourite too! 

Price: Rs 275

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3. Essence Longlasting Lipstick – Dare To Wear  

3 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

The word that comes to mind when we see this dark lipstick shade is true to its name – daring and so bold. This highly pigmented lipstick is perfect for your evenings out, and will suit any and every skintone. 

Price: Rs 299.

4. Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color – Raspberry Badge

4 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

This matte dark lipstick colour is infused with Vitamin E, and so, it not only looks great on the lips but does good to them too! The raspberry tone is what we completely dig, and the added bonus is that it’s long-lasting too!

Price: Rs 383.

5. Avon True Color Hydrating Lip Color – Chocolate Rose

5 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

Ladies, how can you not have a shade that has chocolate in its name?! Barring that, it’s a creamy gel lipstick that is bound to compliment all skintones, offers medium coverage and hydrates the lips to perfection! Go on, get yourself one of these.   

Price: Rs 407. 

6. Nykaa Painstix – Rock n Roll Pink

6 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

The intensity of the colour, the soft matte finish and the Vitamin E and nutritious butters in it – what’s not to love in this fab dark lipstick colour?! Go bold with this one, we say. 

Price: Rs 425.

7. Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick – Neon Red

7 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

No make-up kit is complete without a striking dark red lipstick shade, and this one in particular, should definitely find a place in there. The ultra-hydrating formula, the buttery, cushion-like texture and the velvet matte finish make this one all the more tempting. 

Price: Rs 475.

8. Eleanor Intense Color Lipstick – Cinnamon

8 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

If you want to own a dark coloured lipstick but don’t want to go too dark, then this is your solution. This lovely cinnamon shade is just the right degree of edgy, and is packed with SPF 15 that will keep your lips safe – all day!   

Price: Rs 595. 

9. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream – Monte Carlo

9 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

You’d agree with us when we say it’s difficult to find a shade sexier than this one. Apart from the yummy dark lipstick colour, this one’s sweetly scented and delicately creamy too. Grab this baby now! 

Price: Rs 600.

10. Diana Of London Pure Addiction Lipstick – Misty Burgundy  

10 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

When you say you need a burgundy lip shade, the nail is hit on the head with this dark lipstick. The rich-looking colour is sure to suit all skintones, and what makes it all the more desirable is the lavender extract and Vitamin E present in it. There’s no reason to say no to this one now, is there? 

Price: Rs 699.

11. Colorbar Ultimate 8Hrs Stay Lipstick –  Brown Wave

11 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

Anyone who puts on this dark lipstick colour is sure to look so elegant and charming. A brown that’s not too dull and has the right amount of sheen too – just get this one already.   

Price: Rs 900.

12. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – Grandest Grape

12 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

These chubby sticks by Clinique don’t only look adorable but also have an amazing effect on the lips. This grape tinted lip product is packed with the goodness of mango and shea butters and feels super smooth on the lips.   

Price: Rs 1,500.

13. M.A.C. Glaze Lipstick – Hot Tahiti

13 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

This dark pink-ish shade by M.A.C is quite the attention grabber. It is highly pigmented and is perfect occasion-wear. Ladies, once you have it with you, this is sure to become your go-to lippie when you really want to look majestic.  

Price: Rs 1,500.

14. Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte – 15

14 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

The perfect mix of a pink and mauve, this Inglot lip tint is especially for the girl who loves her pinks but want to go a tad bit edgy and bold with her choice. The long-lasting, smudge-free formula makes this one a hot-selling item. No matter what your skin tone, you’ve got to try this dark lipstick shade. 

Price: Rs 1,850. 

15. Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Burnt Red  

15 dark lipsticks for every skin tone

It doesn’t get more sophisticated that this – a semi-matte burnt red that will go with so many of your outfits. This one may be on the expensive side, but it definitely is worth it thanks to the full coverage it gives upon one swipe, and how regal it looks! Besides, this one also gives the lips such a polished finish. Now, who doesn’t want a pout like that?! 

Price: Rs 2,250.

Take your pick and flaunt these dark lipstick shades, ladies. 

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23 Mar 2017

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