Looking To Settle Down Abroad? These Are The Best Countries To Migrate To From India

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Jun 30, 2021
best country to migrate from india 2021


As the world becomes more globalised, the idea of international borders is slowly changing. It’s now become a lot easier to migrate to and live in a country besides the one you are a citizen of. People can have several reasons to immigrate to a new country—better standard of living, to get a fresh start, safety and security purposes, or simply because they want to experience living in a foreign country. Whatever your reason may be, it is totally possible to make your wish come true! Several countries across the globe have immigration policies that allow citizens from other countries to apply for residence or citizenship. Want to learn which is the best country to migrate to from India? Well, there are quite a few on the list! Read on to know more.

Best Country To Immigrate To From India


If you are looking to move abroad, you cannot just pack up your bags and move to any country that you want. First, you have to look up which countries are open to immigrants and then you can pick which one is the best according to your requirements. So scroll ahead to read about the most immigration-friendly countries across the globe.


Pexels – Canada – best countries to immigrate from india

It’s no secret that Canada is considered one of the best countries for Indians to immigrate to, and that is possibly why it has such a large population of people of Indian descent. What makes Canada so sought-after when it comes to immigration? Well, first, it is the fact that the country has opened its doors to immigrants owing to the small size of their own population. The country has a set immigration target every year and fulfills it by inviting immigrants to apply under several categories. The country is also popular with immigrants because it is English-speaking, has a great standard of living, offers universal healthcare and free education. Most big Canadian cities are also very cosmopolitan, making immigrants feel welcome and at home.

New Zealand

best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – New Zealand –best country to migrate for indian

If you’ve read anything about life in New Zealand, you’ll have to agree that it sounds like paradise. Not only is the country known for its incredible geographic beauty from mountains to beaches, but the people are also known to be extremely warm, welcoming and hospitable. To top it off, the New Zealand government is very well run by their Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who was recently praised for her effective response to COVID-19 in her country. New Zealand’s policies are also welfare-centric, and the government works hard to ensure they treat their people will respect, love and dignity. What’s not to love about this country?


best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – Australia – best country to settle for indian


Australia is another hot favourite among Indians who want to immigrate abroad. Why? Well, firstly, their policies are very immigration friendly and they follow a points-based system like Canada to invite immigrants every year. The beautiful beaches and the gorgeous flora and fauna are a major attraction and the average income of someone living in Australia is high. All these points make Australia a great option for those looking to move abroad!


best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – Germany – best country to migrate for indian


While Germany may not have a direct point-based system to invite applicants, it is open to immigrants through other programmes. The main route to immigration in Germany is by going there as a student first and then finding a job, or if you are in a highly skilled field, you can apply for a ‘job-seeker visa’. There are several reasons why Indians pick Germany to settle down—the country has low unemployment rates and has an amazing welfare system for its residents, which means the state will always take care of you. Plus, it has fantastic cosmopolitan cities, great food and warm people. So why wouldn’t you want to move to this immigrant-friendly country?


best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – Denmark – best country to live for indian


We really don’t need to explain why anybody wouldn’t love to move to Denmark. After all, it is known as one of the happiest countries in the world! Ever heard about the lovely concept of Hygge? Well, that comes from Denmark too! The reason why the Danes are so happy is possibly because there is very little wealth inequality, and the government takes care of its people in the form of free education, healthcare and childcare. What else does one need, right? If you want to move to Denmark, you could either apply to study there or see if your profession is in demand in the country, and apply for a work permit.


best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – Norway – best countries to migrate from india


The Scandinavian country is well-known globally for it’d gender equality, great standard of living and high ranking on the world happiness index. There is also virtually no crime in Norway, and public healthcare and education are free. Plus, who wouldn’t wanna live in a country where you can witness the Northern Lights? The only thing you need to be careful about is that days are short and nights are long in Norway. Sometimes, the sun might not rise for weeks or months altogether. So if you are someone who is prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), then this might not be the place for you.


best country to migrate from india 2021

Pexels – Ireland – Best country for indians


Gorgeous ancient castles, beautiful green landscapes and the world’s best beer—what’s not to love about Ireland? The country is known for its great work-life balance and cheery people who are always up for a drink. And added bonus—the country is not too heavy on the taxes either! Plus, having access to the rest of the European Union is another great benefit. If you are interested in moving to Ireland, then your best option would be to apply for a student visa to study there, and eventually convert it into a permanent residence once you get a job. If you work at a multi-national company with an office in Ireland, you could also request a transfer!


 Pinterest – Finland- best country to migrate from India

Finland is one of the best country to migrate from India for any Indian who is looking for a less-populated nation. It’s amazing if you are finding a good place to settle, retire, or raise a family. The place has superb healthy facilities and food education for children too.

Singapore Singapore – best country to migrate for indian

Singapore is the best country to migrate to for Indians. Do you know why? Because it makes you feel less homesick as a large number of Indians live in Singapore. Also, Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia and it’s not only a good place to migrate for only Indians but people of Malaysia, China. 


Pinterest – Paraguay – Best countries to immigrate from india

If you are planning for a relaxed and settled lifestyle, Paraguay is the best destination for you. Paraguay country is one of the best countries to migrate from India giving you a relaxed atmosphere with natural scenarios. From taxes being low to a stable economy, the cost of living is also relatively low. So, why wait for? Go for this amazing destination!


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So, which one of these immigration-friendly countries do you want to move to?

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