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These Cleansing Oils Get A 10 On 10 On Our Scoreboard

These Cleansing Oils Get A 10 On 10 On Our Scoreboard

Fetched from the 14th century, double cleansing is originally an ancient Asian skincare lesson. Resurging now into the 21st century, this age-old cleansing routine has faced an unfair share of discounted opinions. It was early in 2019 when I first heard about this ‘new’ skincare trend that everyone was either loving or hating – there was no in-between. That time, my skin was recovering from listening to the internet and using coconut oil as a makeup remover, and I did not have the guts to try another oil cleansing fad.

As I peeked out of my ‘no new internet trends’ zone, the skincare world was divided in half – a small group that was an instant fan of double cleansing and would swear by it, and a much larger group that wanted to wash their hands off of it. Maybe that small group of pro-double cleansers actually had their skincare game right, because it’s 2 years later, and the beauty industry cannot find enough prescriptions to jam into the now loved double cleansing routine. We have innumerable formulas of cleansing oils, cleansing waters, cleansing balms, cleansing creams, and whatnot. A culprit of prejudice, let me try to redeem myself by highlighting the best cleansing oils in 2021 that are doing justice to the tried and tested double cleansing routine.

The Do-Gooders

Skincare R & R (Recovery And Routine)

If you’re in love with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum, you will not want to miss out on this one!

A Total Detox

Laneige is offering you a deep detox solution that works wonders – will you bite?

Your Korean Skincare Fix

Sulwhasoo’s cleansing oil is a mild formula that takes off your makeup, dirt, and impurities in the most gentle way. No tugging and pulling required with this one.

Your Japanese Skincare Fix

Begin your Japanese skincare with DHC, and this amazing cleansing oil.

Skin Soothing Sensation

Bobbi Brown’s cleansing oil has one of the most lightweight textures out there and gives your skin a soothing oil cleanse.

Sprinkle Some Spiritual In Your Skincare

How cute is that bottle with pink salt crystals in it? This PIXI cleansing oil lives up to its adorable packaging and takes off every speck of makeup gently.

Our Fave Derm Care

Has any Dermalogica product disappointed you before? Neither will this pre-cleansing oil.

Straight From Provence

Every L’Occitane product transports you into the lush fields of France, and this cleansing oil is nothing different.

A Spice Of Posh

Trust Elizabeth Arden skincare to make your skincare feel all kinds of chic.

The Old Best Friend

You can never go wrong with M.A.C, can you?

Now that you have got the oil cleansing part of double cleansing covered, get yourself an indulging and hydrating second cleanser for a perfect skincare routine that your skin will love:

Have you hopped on the oil cleansing bandwagon yet?

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26 Aug 2021

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