15 *Amazing* Bath Products For Soft & Glowing Skin ALL Over!

Sakshi BudhrajaSakshi Budhraja  |  Apr 11, 2017
15 *Amazing* Bath Products For Soft & Glowing Skin ALL Over!


Most of us are always on the lookout for good soaps, moisturizers, serums and packs to get that radiant glow. Well, if your face is pampered in more ways than one, then why should your body not be given equal importance and treated the same? Ladies, it is your bath beauty regime that’s got to be in place to ensure that you have a body that’s clean, soft and glowing. We’ve compiled for you, a list of 15 fabulous bath beauty products that will give you supple and glowing skin all over!

1. Soulflower Sandalwood Aroma Massage Oil

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This sandalwood oil enriched with Vitamin E, jojoba, sesame, olive and rice bran extracts, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that will take care of your skin like no other. What’s more – this oil also stimulates blood circulation and improves the toxic removal system of the body. Either massage this oil all over your body a few minutes before getting into the shower, or add a few drops to warm bath water for amazing results.

Price: Rs 383. Buy it here.

2. Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash pH5.5

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If you have sensitive and delicate skin, this is the body wash for you. An alkali-free product with an olive oil base, this one promises to leave you with supple and smooth skin after every wash. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Price: Rs 720. Buy it here.

3. Juicy Chemistry French Green Tea & Chamomile – Body And Feet Detox Mask

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This feet and body detox mask has to find a place in your bath beauty kit. It is made with wheatgrass, green tea, chamomile and zingy grapefruit oil that detoxify and cleanse the skin thoroughly. This magical mask also tightens pores and stimulates blood flow. Apply this all over your body and have a bath once it dries up. You have to try it to believe it!

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

4. Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil

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Want soft and clear skin? This Kama Ayurveda oil is just what you need. It is made from natural herbs that are processed in pure coconut milk and sesame oil. A massage with this oil, just before taking a shower is sure to enhance your skin’s texture, reduce skin irritation and relieve you of any dryness. Quite a wonderful product, isn’t it?

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

5. Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub Soap With Almond & Walnut Scrub

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That dead skin buildup on our knees, elbows and feet needs some looking after. This scrub soap works its magic on those areas and is bound to leave you with soft and shiny skin. The almond and walnut content is responsible for nourishing these areas well and moisturizing them too. Time to say goodbye to dead skin!

Price: Rs 25. Buy it here.

6. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel  

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How yummy does this strawberry body wash sound? The fragrance and moisturizing properties of this one will leave your skin feeling fresh and well nourished. Grab this one, won’t you?

Price: Rs 345. Buy it here.

7. Juicy Chemistry Sweet Orange & Vanilla Bean Body Butter

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Post shower skin care is imperative if you want to maintain your skin’s health. Rule number one is to hydrate your body right after stepping out of the shower. And nothing matches up to this amazing body butter, ladies. It is enriched with Vitamin E, sweet orange essential oil, vanilla bean, cocoa and shea butters, and jojoba oil. Need we say more?

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

8. Forest Essentials Body Polisher Cane Sugar & Tamarind

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For a milky smooth body that is clear of dead skin and excess oil, grab this amazing body polish. The added bonus of this one is the fresh fragrance of bitter orange and bergamot leaves. It’s worth every penny, ladies.

Price: Rs 2,475. Buy it here.

9. Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream

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This extremely hydrating shower cream is for those battling dry and flaky skin on their body. It is the almond oil contents of this one and the Hydra IQ moisture technology that’ll take care of your skin woes and keep it soft and silky smooth.

Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

10. Vega Pumice Stone

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The scores of scrubs on your bathroom shelf won’t match up to this awesome pumice stone. A good scrub with this one will rid you of all that dead skin and cleanse the excess dirt and oil from your body in no time. What are you waiting for? Order it already!

Price: Rs 80. Buy it here.

11. Nyassa Dead Sea Salt

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath with water infused with some refreshing and cleansing bath salts. This one, in particular, will help you get rid of all the toxins and regulate blood flow too. It also helps firm up skin tissue and strengthens it against skin infections. What’s not to love about this amazing product?

Price: Rs 300. Buy it here.

12. Biotique Bio Coco Butter Tissue Firming Body Balm

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Using a good quality body cream can enhance your skin and how! This balm is a blend of pure cocoa butter, mustard oil and the bark of the arjun tree. It is sure to give your body a more nourished and firm look. Take it from us and give it a shot!

Price: Rs 153. Buy it here.

13. Just Herbs Cascade Moisturising Day Care Lotion

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If body butters and balms are a tad bit too creamy for you, use a mild day lotion like this one. It provides the body with just the right amount of moisture after a shower, and leaves the skin satiny smooth all day long. We love this one!

Price: Rs 383. Buy it here.

14. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

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How heavenly would that lovely tangy satsuma fragrance be! A mild exfoliation of the body is just what you need every 3-4 days when you get into the shower. It will leave the skin soft and smooth. Isn’t that exactly what you want?

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here.

15. Soulflower Strawberry Pure Glycerin 100% Vegan Soap

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This soap’s made of fresh strawberries and glycerin, and is one that cleanses your skin and helps in curing acne and pimples. Aren’t you already loving the sound of it? The cocoa butter content of it makes sure that your skin is well moisturized and glows like never before!

Price: Rs 128. Buy it here.

Get yourself these products and say hello to a silky smooth body, ladies.