Makeup 101: How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blush For Every Look

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 4, 2021
Makeup 101: How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blush For Every Look


The right shade of blush can warm up your skin tone and add a natural glow like no other. It’s true there are different shades of blush that work well for different complexions, it is a universally flattering product. But sometimes it is possible to go wrong with blush, if you aren’t careful. When you go bold with either your lip or eye makeup, the shade of blush you choose can make or break your entire look. We help you decide on how to choose the perfect shade to complement your makeup choices.

Blush For Your Skin Tone

Before we dive into selecting the right blush for your makeup look, it is important to identify the shades of blush that best complement your skin tone. This doesn’t mean you need to cancel out certain shades altogether. You need to check the undertones of the shades of blush and match it to the undertones in your skin. Typically, pink, orange, red and mauve, all work for every skin tone. Just make sure to choose the right shades within each of the colours.

Fair To Light 

Blush with cooler undertones work for fair to light complexions: light pink, coral, rose

Medium To Dark

Blush shades that are more pigmented complement medium to dark complexions: reds, magenta, warm pinks

Neutral & Olive

Medium skin tones can go either cool or warm with blush shades: pinks, mauves, apricot hues

Compare Blush Shades To Your Lip Colour

Now that you’ve found the shades that make you glow best, decide on your blush shade based on your lip colour. That is if your lips are going to be the main focus of your look. If your lip and blush shade are clashing or look unnatural choose a different blush shade. A rule of thumb could be to choose a blush shade in the same colour family of your lip shade; the blush shade should be lighter.

Compare Blush Shade To Your Eye Makeup

If you are going bold with your eye makeup, make sure to choose your blush shade wisely. If your eye makeup is mainly a primary colour, avoid blush shades in red as red is a primary colour too and it will look clownish. Ideally, neutral blush shades or shades with warmer undertones are ideal for bold eye makeup.

Formula Matters

Choosing the right formula will dictate how well the blush works to make your skin glow. Creamy blushes give off the most natural effect. Satin finish blushes are great if you want a highlighting effect. Powder matte blushes work well for matte finish makeup looks.

Popular Blush Shades To Go With Different Eye & Lip Makeup Looks

Blue Eye Makeup + Pink Blush

Red Lips + Apricot Blush

Purple Eye Makeup + Mauve Blush

Au Naturel Makeup + Blush For Your Skin Tone

Metallic Eye Makeup + Pinkish Brown Blush

For a blush shade that looks beautiful on every skin tone, we recommend:

Now that you’ve figured out which blush is your best bet, there’s nothing stopping you from slaying different makeup looks with ease.

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