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The Importance Of Sunscreen & Why It Should Never Be Skipped

The Importance Of Sunscreen & Why It Should Never Be Skipped

Are you aware of the importance of sunscreen? Truth is, sunscreen is one of the most important parts of a daytime skincare routine and skipping it is not the best decision you’ll make for your skin. Not wearing sun protection indoors is also one of the most common sunscreen mistakes people make. This is one step that should have a reserved spot in your daily skincare routine and here’s exactly why you shouldn’t be skipping sunscreen ever, come rain or shine.

Importance Of Sunscreen On Face

The importance of sunscreen can first be witnessed on your visage. Without sunscreen, sun damage is sure to wreak havoc on your skin and here’s what could happen. 

Dark Spots

The harsh sun rays can cause sunspots on your skin which are basically dark spots that don’t budge that easily. It can also make dark spots that are left behind from pimples on acne prone skin appear darker. This goes to show how deep sun damage is on the skin. The best zinc oxide sunscreens can help prevent such damage and also prevent breakouts from contributing to the situation.


Yes, tanning is normal when you stay out in the sun but it can also cause your face to look dull and dehydrated with patchy skin. You can get uneven skin tone and areas of concern like dark circles and pigmentation can get darker when exposed to the sun.



Exposure to sun can also cause sunburn and therefore lead to rashes, redness, and irritated skin. Shield up with the best sunscreens in India so that your skin is soothed and protected during the day.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Sun damage causes the onset of premature ageing and that’s why you will notice wrinkles and fine lines are quicker to form on your skin. And these only get more prominent if you avoid wearing sunscreen. To prevent such signs of damage it is also important to understand what is SPF in sunscreen and then find out how to choose the right sunscreen to keep your skin safe and protected.

Importance Of Sunscreen In Summer

Sunscreen importance is higher in the summer season because the sun shines brighter and for a longer duration. There are less cloudy days and the sun has direct effects on your skin whether you are indoors or outdoors. Wearing sunscreen throughout the summer is important if you want to avoid sun damage and dodge premature signs of ageing. It is highly recommended that you layer up on sunscreen in the summer and even try SPF infused makeup products like sunscreen compact powders to keep your skin fresh and shielded from the UV rays.

Importance Of Sunscreen In Winters

Did you know that wearing sunscreen in the winters or rainy season is extremely important too? You may not be able to see the sun in cold weather but the harmful UV rays are still being emitted and they affect your skin whether you notice or not. That is why, the importance of sunscreen is eminent in the winter months as well. Protecting your skin is simple as there are sunscreens available for every budget and skin type. If your skin feels dry and tight in the winter, opt for sunscreens that are moisturising and contain natural ingredients. And, if your skin gets excessively oily in the summer, opt for gel-based sunscreens or those infused with zinc oxide.



Q. Is it important to wear sunscreen everyday?

Yes, absolutely. Wearing sunscreen daily will help keep your skin protected and it will also not put your daily skincare efforts and products to waste.

Q. What happens if you don’t wear sunscreen?

Premature signs of ageing begin to appear due to sun damage if you avoid wearing sunscreen. Dark spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dullness are some of the major skin concerns you are at risk of experiencing.


Q. Does sunscreen darken skin?

Not at all. Sunscreen is formulated to protect your skin from the sun and prevent discolouration and tanning instead.

At the end, the importance of sunscreen is far greater than any other skincare steps you perform during the day. So, load up and reapply sunscreen very hour during the daytime to stay safe from sun damage and enjoy youthful looking skin for longer.

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31 May 2022

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