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8 Sunscreen Mistakes You Did NOT Know You Were Making!

8 Sunscreen Mistakes You Did NOT Know You Were Making!

Anti-ageing, anti-spots, protection from tanning, anti-wrinkle – sunscreen has multiple benefits and every dermat swears by the use of this SPF cream that we slather on our skin every single day. However, if sunscreen is part of your beauty routine, you might also be making these common sunscreen mistakes that are doing your skin more harm than you think. Here’s how to get this right, and achieve the maximum benefit from using sunscreen…

1. More SPF doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun for longer periods

1 Sunscreen Mistakes

Be it SPF 30, 50 or 70, applying the right amount is important. Higher SPF doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun longer without any worries. Some even believe that higher SPF gives people a false sense of security.

2. It’s not a moisturizer; apply it at regular intervals

Unlike your moisturizer that you apply once after a shower and are done for the day, sunscreen should be applied every two hours for the best benefits.


3. You’re using the same bottle for the last two summers?!

3 Sunscreen Mistakes

The active ingredients in your sunscreen have a certain shelf life, and therefore your tube should be consumed and replenished every season.

4. Applying it just before moving outdoors isn’t helping

For the best effects, it’s important that you apply sunscreen at least half an hour before your brave harsh sunrays.

5. What about your lips and ears?

5 Sunscreen Mistakes


When we apply sunscreen on our face, we tend to leave out our lips, ears and neck – all of which are equally exposed to harmful UV rays.

Benefits Of Sunscreen

6. Even in-house lighting can harm you

On days that we stay in our homes and laze around in our PJs, we assume that applying sunscreen is pointless. Ladies, even the light from bulbs and tube lights can harm our skin. Apply is every day, come what may.

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7. Your BB cream with SPF is not enough protection

7 Sunscreen Mistakes

Some of us escape layering up our faces because that BB cream we use on a daily basis has SPF. However, there’s a huge difference between a dollop of sunscreen and a dollop of your makeup product.  Besides, you aren’t going to reapply your makeup every two hours, are you?

How To Remove Sunscreen From Face

8. Sunscreen is not total skin protection

As much as everyone vouches for SPF products, you have to have your sunglasses, hats and umbrellas in place to protect yourself from the harmful sunrays. Find shade whenever possible, and protect your skin from being damaged, we say.


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09 Jun 2016

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