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Kombucha For The Win: Here’s Everything About The Drink That Can Give You Clear Skin!

Kombucha For The Win: Here’s Everything About The Drink That Can Give You Clear Skin!

Everyone has different skin goals based on their skin issues. You may want to reduce fine lines, while your friend wants to get rid of the excess oil on her face. But in general, clear skin is something we all aspire for. And we’re telling you how you can drink your way to clearer-looking skin…with kombucha.

For those of you who may not know, kombucha is a fermented drink that’s loaded with so many benefits for the body. Every celebrity is consuming it, every influencer is promoting it, so there must be something really special about it, right?

As mentioned earlier, it is a fermented drink which means a large number of probiotic bacteria are produced that help with digestion. But did you know that while it’s strengthening your immune system, it is also amazing for your skin?

Benefits Of Kombucha For Skin

Who doesn’t want skin that’s glowing and exuding radiance like never before? And imagine you can get all that just by drinking kombucha. Keep on reading to know how kombucha is beneficial for our skin.


Kombucha is brimmed with probiotic bacteria that help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. So along with your gut, your skin benefits too. It promotes healthy skin with a natural glow.


Kombucha or kombucha tea also contains antioxidants that are responsible for anti-ageing as they break down our cells which results in our skin losing its elasticity. Consuming kombucha on a regular basis allows the antioxidants to fight back and maintain the skin’s elasticity and also slow down the signs of ageing.

B Vitamins

When kombucha is being made, the fermentation process makes the yeast break down sugar that leads to the production of certain B Vitamins, such as B2, B6 and B12, These said vitamins are amazing for the skin and also strengthens our nails and hair follicles.

Vitamin C

Did you know that Kombucha contains more vitamin C than oranges? Vitamin C is amazing to promote the skin’s natural radiance, to protect the cells from free radicals and also inhibits the production of melanin (which causes pigmentation).

And if you want to get GLOWing skin, just follow the basic CTM skincare routine and we bet your skin will love it. Here are the products we swear by: 

PS: In a world full of soft drinks, be a kombucha!

Featured Image: Pinterest, YouTube

23 Oct 2020

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