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How a homemade shampoo changed my hair radically!

How a homemade shampoo changed my hair radically!

We all have those ‘bad hair days’ that extend into weeks and months, sometimes? Considering the pollution and the amount of chemicals we use and even the water with which we wash our hair, it’s really not all that surprising. 

I used to have really nice, silky straight hair, the kind of hair that got me compliments everywhere I went, until I coloured it red and it lost its shine. Since that unfortunate day, I have been looking for a solution that will bring my hair back to it’s natural quality. 

I tried everything! All the new shampoos, everything that was in the market and anything that was designed for “damaged hair” had my money. But nothing really worked! There were a few products that gave good results for some time but after a while, my hair was back to it’s dry, flaky self.

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Then one day, I decided to try a homemade shampoo. They always say natural remedies are the best, so I had to give them a shot. That was also the time when the whole concept of “no-poo” came to light. No-poo is basically when you stop using shampoo altogether and apply only natural ingredients to cleanse your hair instead. So I googled the easiest non-messy recipe for a homemade shampoo and the first one was – baking soda and water. 
Internal homemade shampoo (1)

It was super easy! Take baking soda and water and mix them together and voila! You have your homemade shampoo! Now, the amount of baking soda you take depends on the length of your hair. For my slightly longer than shoulder-length locks, I used 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and water which is three times the quantity of the baking soda so that the mixture is thick enough but not too thick! 

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I applied the mixture of homemade shampoo to my wet hair while taking a shower, it was also suggested that you can apply it even on dry hair and then wash it off. Of course, since there are absolutely no chemicals involved there wasn’t much lather formed, which was kind of sad for me because I used to love the lather of my shampoo. *sigh*

 Anyhow, I left on the homemade shampoo for around 3 minutes and then washed it off – following it up with a vinegar-water rinse instead of a conditioner. Vinegar is awesome for your hair, it adds an instant shine to dull hair. However, it shouldn’t be used in excess, the mixture should be one part vinegar and three parts water. I usually just poured it over my hair with my eyes closed (very important!) and then rinsed it off with cold water. 

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The outcome was…different. The first time I felt like nothing much had changed and since I was so used to my normal shampoo and it’s smell, it felt like I maybe hadn’t washed my hair properly. I still decided to go ahead with the homemade shampoo for a while. After three washes, I finally saw the difference, my hair felt lighter, smoother and the shine was starting to show again! The natural shampoo actually worked!

It was a tough change to make for the organic shampoo to be honest. In fact, I still sometimes go back to my normal shampoo or buy a new one that just arrived but giving homemade shampoo a shot was a great idea! Since then I have tried a few more recipes but the baking soda one is by far my favourite! First, it is so simple that I can actually use it early morning while getting ready for work and second, it works for all kinds of hair so all of you can give it a shot too! 🙂

22 Sep 2016

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