#BridalBeauty: 10 AMAZING Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair!

#BridalBeauty: 10 AMAZING Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair!
Perfection is what every bride desires for her wedding day, from her hair to her makeup. And after years of experimenting with hairstyles and chemicals that promise drastic results, you’ve probably realized your mane needs some natural TLC for it to stop looking lifeless. So we help give you healthy, dreamy locks in time for D-Day. Here’s a list of super nourishing homemade hair conditioners, that will transform your strands into silky, shiny goodness you never imagined was possible! What’s better is that these are chemical-free, easily available and require minimal effort. So go on, whip these up and pamper your strands with some love dear bride-to-be!

1. Mad Over Mayo

This may smell yucky but the results are unmatched. Just slather some mayo onto your hair and scalp, let it sit for about 20 minutes and wash off. Use a yummy-smelling shampoo to get rid of the smell of mayo. It will leave your tresses silky smooth. Use this regularly a few months before your wedding but skip this right before the wedding celebrations begin as it is a tedious process and you may not enjoy the smell.

2. Honey And Rose Water

2 homemade hair conditioners

This super easy DIY is incredible for your hair. Mix equal parts of honey and rose water and spritz onto your hair 30-60 minutes before you wash it off. It hydrates and recharges your hair and subtly highlights your colour as well!

3. Olive In My Hair

Plain olive oil is one of the best natural conditioners for your hair. It adds lustre and reverses damaged cuticles. It works wonders to repair split ends and gives your hair bounce and sheen. Work it into your hair overnight or even 30 minutes before you wash it off and notice the difference in your hair texture. Since it is a bit heavy and difficult to wash off, we recommend that you use it a week before the festivities so that any residue can be washed off again!

4. Keep Calm & Oil On!

4 homemade hair conditioners

Coconut is miraculous for combating hair issues and jojoba oil is the closest in nature to the natural oils produced by our body. A combination of these two will protect, repair, condition and treat your hair like nothing else can! Coconut oil also reduces hair fall and conditions the scalp.

5. Honey, You Drive Me Bananas

This yummy combo is good enough to eat! Mash a banana, drizzle some honey onto it and mix it to make a smooth paste. Honey is a humectant and banana has intensive nourishing properties. Together, the will make your hair shiny and strong! Leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes before washing off.

6. Double The Power

6 homemade hair conditioners

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) by itself is wonderful for the hair. But when combined with shea butter, it doubles up as a nourishing and shine inducing conditioner. Shea butter repairs the hair cuticle making the hair stronger and ACV locks in a lot of shine.

7. All About Aloe

Make a simple serum of aloe vera gel and olive oil - it is excellent for a busy bride-to-be for combating dry and damaged hair. Because of the aloe vera gel, the consistency of the serum is easy to apply and even easier to wash off. It is excellent in conditioning the scalp and the hair and it does the job in almost no time at all!

8. Fancy Some Green Tea?

8 homemade hair conditioners

Honey + green tea - it’s good enough to drink and good enough for your hair! A quick spritz of this concoction will recharge your hair instantly and give your highlights a boost. The honey brings out the highlights while the green tea refreshes your hair and coats it in anti-oxidants.

9. The Power Of Vitamin E

Shea butter is popular for its hydrating and nourishing properties. When combined with vitamin E oil (just burst a vitamin E capsule), it is an excellent restoring and damage-reducing conditioner. This mixture is an amazing all-rounder for a bride-to-be. It nourishes the hair and the skin. It imparts a heavenly and long lasting shine to your hair and glow to your skin which is what a bride desires for her big day!

10. Flowers In Your Hair

10 homemade hair conditioners

This mixture is perfect for the bride who wants her highlights to pop while still protecting her hair. Hibiscus is wonderful for combating dryness and hair fall, while honey brings out the highlights of your hair. A paste made with dried hibiscus flower and honey, when applied to the hair will instantly impart bounce and shine to your locks. If you’ve coloured it for your big day, this is a natural way to make your highlights pop!

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