The POPxo Team Reveals Their Secrets For Shiny, Silky Hair! | POPxo

The POPxo Team Reveals Their Secrets For Shiny, Silky Hair!

The POPxo Team Reveals Their Secrets For Shiny, Silky Hair!
Come to think of it, all of us have one hair secret that works fantastically for us, and the POPxo team is no exception. After all, we are a team of dynamic women, and we know exactly what to do and which products to use to get silky soft and glossy looking hair. We got our team members to spill their tried and tested hair secrets that might help you get the luscious locks of your dreams! (You’re welcome!)

Sanjana Eipe - Marketing & Sales Director

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair My secret to long and healthy hair is maintaining a balanced diet. I personally think that nutrition is more important than what product you apply on your hair. I ensure that I have a lot of leafy vegetables, eat dry fruits, and also have Vitamin E and Omega supplements every day. Also, when I do any heat treatment I ensure that after the heat treatment I use a good hair masque so it helps moisturise the hair.

Pradipta Sarkar - Associate Editor

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair An olive oil massage every fortnight! And organic shampoo every alternate day. I used to love the Bitter Orange And Cinnamon Hair Cleanser from Forest Essentials, but since they've discontinued it, I've now been trying their Iced Pomegranate And Kerala Lime cleanser. I like it, but haven't fallen in love with it yet - still looking for my shampoo soul mate. And two things I never do: brush my hair while it's wet, and use a comb (always, always a hairbrush)! Also, I'm a restless sleeper, so I braid my hair loosely before going to bed - so that no strands are pulled out during the night! P.S.: I NEVER use styling products.

Priyanka Ghura - Beauty Editor

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair My hair is really thick and has an annoying knack of frizzing up, especially in the Bombay humidity. I make it a point to get a trim every 4 months (otherwise it just looks really heavy and shapeless) and I also ask my stylist to texturize it, which helps tone down the thickness and makes it MUCH easier to manage as it grows longer. Also, I use a super light leave-in, Kerastase Elixir Ultime Huile Sacree (it’s available at any leading hair salon), when my hair is wet to control frizz and help it feel silkier.

Divya Sharma - Trending Editor

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair My daily schedule is kind of insane to be very honest - so I don’t get to do half the things I would like to for my hair. Ideally, I would have at least like to oil it regularly, but the most I manage to find time for is putting oil just before my shower. That just makes sure my hair doesn't get too dry, especially the ends. Also, since I use a hair straightener regularly, I make sure I use the best one possible. And I absolutely swear by the Herbal Essences Moroccan Me A Miracle 7 In 1 Serum. It smells so amazing AND keeps the frizz at bay!

Kritika Rathi - Fashion Writer

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair Nourishing your hair with coconut or ayurvedic oil at least once a week is a must. After oiling, I usually leave it on for the whole day. The key here is to let the oil soak in and then wash it after without using a conditioner after. This leaves my hair feeling soft and stronger at all times!

Neha Gupta - Lifestyle Writer

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair I had recently gotten my hair colored not just once, but thrice! Then, to handle the frizz, I got it rebonded (the worst decision of my life) - as a result, my hair is super fine and lacks volume. However much I would oil and pamper my strands, they just wouldn't feel nice and smooth. Then, I tried the reverse hair wash technique. So I 'd condition the bottom of my hair first, and then after about 10 mins, use a shampoo on it. Trust me, my hair has never felt so great in years and it also has more volume and bounce now. It’s a revolutionary shampoo method for girls with fine hair like me.

Sharon Alphonso - Lifestyle Writer

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair I’m very picky about the products I use on my hair. Due to Bombay’s unpredictable climate, most of the times, my hair tends to get frizzy and look dull. In spite of experimenting with many products, the shampoo and conditioner I currently swear by are from BED Head by Tigi. It makes my hair baby soft and adds a glossy texture to it. I also tend to straighten my hair pretty often, but before I do that, I have to apply a coin-sized amount of serum. This helps not just fight the frizz, it also protects my hair from any damage caused by styling tools.

Gopika E.M - Social Media Manager

Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair The secret to my longer, stronger hair is hands down coconut oil. Oiling it once every week not only keeps it strong but also helps in getting silky & shiny hairs. It has also played a major role in repairing my hair which has been damaged due to regular straightening and blow drying. I also use a really mild shampoo for everyday use to prevent damage. Regular haircuts and snipping off split ends has also contributed to longer, stronger hair. HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #RealGirlBeauty: 7 Scalp Secrets for Incredible Hair MUST-READ: 12 Hairstyle Ideas You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life!