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No More Chafing: 10 Summer Beauty Tips For Your Thighs!

Sakshi BudhrajaSakshi Budhraja  |  May 18, 2017
No More Chafing: 10 Summer Beauty Tips For Your Thighs!


Most of us have dealt with the annoying and pretty uncomfortable chub rub situation in the inner thigh area at some point in the summer. And ladies, if your thighs are your problem areas, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Rashes and soreness in the area thanks to the heat and chafing can be quite a pain, isn’t it? Here are some extremely useful beauty tips on how to deal with and avoid chafing, an all too real problem for most girls. No thigh-gaps needed, ladies!

1. Get greasy

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Inner thighs rubbing against each other leads to redness and sore skin in the area. One way to tackle this is to use a healing coconut oil or other essential oils in the area. Massage it in gently and that should heal the soreness, and avoid further chafing too.

2. Pick petroleum jelly

If oils on your body is something that makes you cringe, petroleum jelly is your best bet. This sort of lubrication will help the thighs glide past each other without damaging the skin on your inner thighs. This will seal in moisture in the area and that will create a strong barrier too. Do this especially before going for a run or any sort of workout and you’ll be just fine.

3. Aloe vera cures

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The cooling and soothing effect of aloe vera gel works like magic on the red and sore patches on skin in the inner thigh area. This gel contains fatty acids like lupeol that is believed to have pain-relieving properties. Use it at night before going to bed and you’ll be glad the next morning.

4. Cycling shorts are a must

Shorts and skirts in the summer look awesome, there’s no doubt about that. But that also means that your bare thighs are going create an uncomfortable condition. On days when you’re wearing a mid-length skirt, make it a point to wear something like cycling shorts underneath as that will save your thighs from chafing.

5. Mild soaps always

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Is your skin on your inner thighs usually irritated and sore in the summer? Make it a point then, to use a mild soap in the area when taking a shower. Keep it clean by soaping the area twice a day. Sweat in the area will only make matters worse. A good soap that maintains the pH balance of the skin will drive away the bacteria and relieve you of your skin woes there.

6. Pat dry

Leaving your thighs wet is a big no-no, ladies. Make it a point to dry it well after a shower or even if you have been sweating. Use a soft cotton towel and pat it dry always. Rubbing a towel in the area will only make it more irritated and difficult to handle.

7. Rash creams to the rescue

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Soreness on the skin can house bacteria and turn infectious too. Make it a point to apply a doctor prescribed rash or antibacterial cream to take care of this. A medicated cream will ensure that yeast and other bacteria doesn’t set in damaged skin and make things worse and more painful.

8. Calming techniques

Spritzing on an alcohol-free toner, rose water or just a cooling mist every once in awhile will also relieve you of the irritation and soreness. Used chamomile tea bags (after being cooled in the refrigerator) can also be placed on the affected area, as that too will feel like a heavenly kiss on irritated skin.

9. Powder power

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Sweat can wreak havoc for your inner thighs, ladies. Dust a fine layer of talcum powder in the area on a hot summer day as that will soak in the sweat in a jiffy and ensure that the skin does not get damaged. For some extra care, you can even roll on an antiperspirant in the area and you’re good to go!

10. Keep it airy and cool

Airing your inner thighs is a must. While doing it in the day might be a bit impractical, you must take some time out before going to bed and leave your legs open for the area to get some air. If kept dry and airy, this should be able to heal soon.

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