What Different Beauty Standards From Across The World Look Like

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 29, 2021
What Different Beauty Standards From Across The World Look Like

So you got your hair cut in that cool new shaggy style, and bought an hour of a pampering mani sesh that ended with pastel swirls. Yes, girl, you’re trendy as hell. But have you ever wondered, what trends even are? Who sets them? Does it happen overnight, or does it take weeks? What determines if a trend will stay for long or walk out the door within 5 days? But most importantly, what impact do they have on beauty standards set for women that are here to stay? Today, we will discuss beauty trends that have marked an eminent footing as beauty standards in different nations across the globe.

Disclaimer: Your Perception Of Beauty Is Totally Subjective

In India, the beauty community plays scrabble with the western and traditional beauty standards – which is actually a great thing TBH. Our community proudly strives on a cocktail of western and Indian beauty merits. That means we are scoring points on both teams. Woohoo! However, our mutated version of validation that we seek everywhere might appear a bit bland to someone living on either of the poles. And because it can get addictively consuming to be giving to the said ‘beauty standards’, we believe that looking at what the rest of the world considers beautiful, might help you appreciate what one might label as flaws.

Home Is Where The Heart Is – India


It is only ceremonious to start from home, isn’t it? It’s not a secret how obsessed our Indian community is with lighter skin tones. Naturally, this trend of having a fairer skin complexion eventually got set as the Indian beauty standard.

The Land Of The Cheesburger – U.S.A.


Well, The United States of America has more to offer than just cheeseburgers, but we only remember the thing we like the most. The beauty standard in the U.S.A. has been set to having bigger assets – bigger breasts, bigger butts, and even bigger lips. This factor has lead to a sudden incline in the cosmetic surgery industry of the country.

The Home To The Royals – United Kingdom


When we think of the U.K., the brain images soccer, beans, attractive accent, and tall men. However, when it comes to beauty standards, females in the U.K. are very keen on tanned skin. Tanning in salons is one of the most popular beauty services they avail.

Bonjour Amie – France


While being skinny is a trait appreciated in most countries, it is a popular beauty standard in France. Wait – not just skinny, we’re talking exceptionally skinny. While beauty standards in many countries are on the verge of making permanent damage to human bodies, France takes it to the next level.

The Place Where Mother Earth Is Beautiful Herself – Jamaica


A popular holiday destination, this beautiful island has a beauty standard of having a healthier body. Residents are believed to consume tablets that make their bodies (and their bottoms) bigger.

The Culture Hub – Iran


Iran is famously known for its rich culture that lives in their food, art, music, and literature, this country finds their beauty standards in their nose shapes! Like the U.S. cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high in this country, as its citizens consider their ideal nose shape as a status symbol.

Feels absurd to learn how differently people hold their beauty standards against ours? While Indians are obsessed with lighter complexions, half of the world is not even paying attention to the same. While the French love their zero figures, Jamaicans can’t get enough of their healthy bodies. It’s time we put on our rose-tinted glasses and shower our bodies with love and appreciation, no matter what the beauty standard asks us of.

Featured Image: Pexels