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Smudged Mascara Hacks

6 Easy Hacks To Get Rid Of Mascara Smudges Without Ruining Your Makeup

Imagine this: you’ve finished doing your makeup base, and your eye makeup is on point. You pick up your go-to mascara to enhance those gorgeous peepers, but then you accidentally swipe the mascara wand someplace other than your eyelashes. Shoot! Now you’re worried about erasing your perfectly applied concealer and eyeshadow. 

So to ensure that your ‘gram-worthy makeup look stays put, we’ve rounded up some ~special~ yet easy makeup hacks to remove rouge mascara bits without messing with your makeup. Keep scrolling for mess-free makeup tips that’ll safely clean up the smears.

6 Makeup Hacks To Remove The Mascara Smudges Without Messing With Your Makeup


Use A Spoolie

First things first: if you’ve accidentally applied the mascara beneath your eyelashes, don’t panic and just let it dry. Touching the smudged mascara while it’s wet will only make the matter worse by creating a bigger mess. So let it dry and once it has dried off, you can use a clean spoolie to flick it off without disrupting the makeup underneath.

Turn It Into A Piece Of Art

Sometimes a makeup mishap can lead to a makeup masterpiece. If your mascara is smudged close to your lower or upper lash line, just take some eyeshadow and run it over the smudged mascara. Then, dab a little highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes. This will make your eyes look way brighter and bigger.

The Power Duo FTW!

This is the easiest way to take off the mascara without ruining your makeup. All you need to do is take a cotton bud and dip it in micellar water and use the end to gently scrape it off. Avoid using an oil-based makeup remover as it might cause the rest of your makeup to smudge.

Conceal It

So if you’ve got yourself a few black blobs and clumps of mascara and you’re worried about erasing your flawlessly applied foundation, concealer and eyeshadow, we have just the hack for you. All you need is a precise brush and a full coverage concealer. Use the tiny brush to cover it up, then set it with powder, and dab some eyeshadow on top if required.

Use Your Go-To Moisturiser


If you don’t have makeup remover wipes or micellar water handy, using a little moisturiser will also do the trick. Just take a cotton swab and dip it in your go-to face moisturiser, then gently blot the smudges away to get rid of mascara blobs. This will easily remove the smears without ruining your makeup.

Clean With Primer


No matter what you’ve smeared on your face – waterproof mascara or black eyeliner – it can be wiped away with a little bit of primer. The best part is that any formula, any brand will work. A little swipe of primer on a precise brush, sponge or tissue will wipe it all away and leave you with primed skin that’s ready for more makeup to go over the area. Trust us, this trick works like magic.


Take notes to never let a mascara blob ruin your makeup.

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jul 2021

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