7 Beauty Activities You & Your Favourite Girls Can Do On Women’s Day

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 7, 2021
Beauty Activities on women's day


Women’s Day is so much more than appreciating a woman’s professional achievements. It’s also a day for women to appreciate each other’s company and the roles that they’ve played in their lives. Be it your mother, sister, a close colleague or your squad – if you have a group of women you truly admire, use this day to spend time with them. Make the day even more special by engaging in these fun beauty activities. 

7 Beauty Activities You & Your Favourite Girls Can Do On Women’s Day

It’s going to be a day to remember alright! 

Sheet Mask & Zoom!

With it being Women’s Day today, the malls and restaurants will surely be packed. Not to mention, COVID-19 cases are going up too! It’s wiser to stay indoors. A fun beauty activity to do tonight is to fix a boozy zoom date with your favourite ladies (With sheet masks on, of course!)

Get Matching Manicures!

nude manicure


One way to bond with your favourite girls is to get matching manicures. Go for something fun like neon colours or sparkly nails. Matching manicures are a sure shot way to stand out from the crowd as a group too! 

Secret Santa (Women’s Day Edition)

You know the game rules for Secret Santa, right? You write all the names of your squad on a piece of paper, ask them to pick a chit at random, fix a budget and go shopping! Some cool beauty gift ideas are – lipsticks, nail polishes, body lotions and the MyGlamm Glow Skincare Everyday Essentials Kit! 

Get A Body Massage

woman after massage


Couple massages are only meant for lovers. You and your best girlfriend can go for one too on Women’s Day. Just be careful with the spa you go to though. Make sure that the staff does a temperature check, has face masks on at all times, uses clean sheets and new products. 

Host A DIY Masterclass

A fun, interactive and safe beauty activity to do with your squad on Women’s day is a DIY masterclass. Send out a zoom invitation sometime today and teach your friends how to make a beauty product from scratch. It could be a simple hair mask, 3-ingredient face pack or even an on-the-go toner – whatever floats your boat. 

Do Each Other’s Makeup

makeup artist


A fun way to bond with your ladies is to do each other’s makeup. Go bold, go loud – find a makeup look that suits your friend’s personality. Don’t forget to click many selfies for the ‘Gram while you’re at it!

7. Matching Haistyles

Do you know what’s cooler than getting matching manicures? Getting matching hairstyles, oh yeah! Pigtails, cornrows, topknots, waterfall braids – the world is your playground. 

Which of these beauty activities are you tempted to try with your girl pals today? They’re all hella fun, you know? Happy Women’s Day once again y’all! 

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