Nailed It! 5 Manicures To Match With Your Face Mask, Because Why Not?

Nailed It! 5 Manicures To Match With Your Face Mask, Because Why Not?

Guys, can you believe that November is already here? The lockdown happened back in March and since then, I feel like I've forgotten the concept of time. It's been a year full of changes but somehow we've adapted well to them. Working in PJs seems absolutely normal, wearing masks all the time seems routine and even not stepping out of the house feels almost standard.

While the pandemic is obviously not a fun experience for any of us, we thought we'd help you add some cheer to your day--matching your manicures with your face masks. Cause 2020 may be dull but your nails don't have to be.

Manicure Inspiration To Match With Your Face Masks

Ready to nail that manicure?

Starry Night

This manicure is super cute for people who like to add some fun to their beauty routine without making it OTT. Paint your nails black and then add some glitter to create fun and creative designs and if you're a night owl then stars are the perfect ones to pick.


Smart Nail Lacquer - 45 Black

INR 200 AT Kiko Milano

Quirky Cartoons

Who said cartoons are just for kids? Pay a tribute to your fav animated character by buying a face mask of it and getting matching nail art done. Every time you look down, you'll feel happy and that's what we want.


Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel - Sunny Side Up

INR 109 AT Faces Canada

Animal Print For The Win!

Animal print nails are all the rage right now and you can totes rock this trend. If nothing else in life seems to be going your way at least your mani looks hella on-point and what really do you need after that?


LIT Nail Enamel - Oh Fudge

INR 190 AT MyGlamm

Polka Dotty Hottie

This one is a relatively easy one to do--just pick your fav colours and after painting a base coat randomly make polka dots all over your nails. You can even wear your comfiest bright coloured jammies to really take the social distancing mood up a notch.


Neo-Pearl Nail Polish Collection - Did You See Those Mussels?

INR 850 AT O.P.I

Down To The Basics

For those of you who aren't into nail art but still want their nails to match their face masks, can pick this inspo. It's simple to recreate and one of those forever classic ideas. Pick a plain face mask and match it with a gorgeous muted shade.


LIT Nail Enamel - Babe

INR 190 AT MyGlamm

I don't know about you but this has got me in the mood to buff and paint my nails. However, one thing to remember is that even though you're free to go anywhere now, coronavirus cases are still soaring. If you can avoid going to the salon, please do so for your safety and that of others. Here's a manicure kit that you can buy to achieve salon-like nails at home.



INR 350 AT MyGlamm

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