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7 Hot Girl Summer Hairstyles That Will Put You In A Vacation State Of Mind

7 Hot Girl Summer Hairstyles That Will Put You In A Vacation State Of Mind

Now that we’re in the throes of summer, we’re thinking about one thing: a vacation. Is anyone else longing to lounge on a hammock under the sun with a margarita in one hand and a thrilling book in another? While vacation might still be in TBD phase, the fashion girls we follow on IG are providing a plethora of cool hair ideas that will put you in a vacation state of mind.

These beach-inspired summer hairstyles will keep you in tropical mode this summer and beyond. Whether you’re actually going to the beach or have rooftop soirees on the horizon – these hairstyles are perfect to add an of-the-moment touch to your warm-weather looks. Ahead, find seven beachy hairstyles that are likely to cause wanderlust.

We Are Calling It: These Are The ‘It’ Hairstyles For Summer 2022

Wrapped In A Scarf

Is there anything more stylish than a silk-scarf moment at the beach? Wrapping your favourite silk scarf around your head adds the perf pop of colour and texture to your outfit or swimsuit. Expect to see this look everywhere this summer.

Loose Waves Are A Summer Season Win!

Loose waves are as classic as beachy hairstyles get, and the more undone they get, the better they look. The beauty of a wavy hairdo is that you can either use a hot tool to create them or you can also avoid heat damage and just sleep in braids the night before. The choice is yours to make!

Pulled-Back With A Middle Part

A pulled-back hairstyle teamed up with a middle part feels effortless and chic – plus, it keeps you from fussing with your hair all day (a win-win). Pro Tip: Make sure you apply some sunscreen on your exposed scalp before heading out.

Textured With A Micro-Braid

Enhance your natural texture and volume with a bit of your favourite texturising spray, and then add a tiny braid to one of the front sections. It feels a bit retro and cool but takes a couple of minutes to recreate.

Half-Up, Half-Down For A Hailey-Approved Look

A half-up hairstyle ensures your mane stays tame against the ocean air since the top pieces are secured. Even if the bottom half gets a bit windblown, it almost makes it better by increasing volume while the top stays polished-AF.

Scrunchy FTW!

A loose braid or a ponytail feels effortless and classic, and we especially love the way it’s secured with a jumbo scrunchy. This hairdo could seamlessly get from the sand to dinner while allowing you to feel put-together and comfy.

Pigtail Braid For A ’90s Vibe

Pigtail braids have been a rage for the past few years and the fashion crowd has finally agreed. They look so cute on their own, but our favourite way to wear them on the beach is under a hat – whether it’s a baseball cap or Instagram’s favourite bucket hat.

Effortlessly stylish!

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Apr 2022

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