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7 Ways To Straighten Your Hair WITHOUT Using Heat!

7 Ways To Straighten Your Hair WITHOUT Using Heat!

Straight hair will never go out of vogue, it’s so sleek and a look that you just can’t go wrong with. But obviously, coaxing our wavy/ curly hair into submission with hot straightening tools and blow dryers often is ruining our precious strands. So that’s why we give you a few other ways to straighten your strands with no heat. With a little bit of effort, you can get your hair to behave without damaging and drying out your locks. Say hello to stylish straight locks that are super healthy!


1. Wash With Straightening Products

1 straighten your hair without heat

Changing your hair products is such a good idea. Opt for shampoos with less chemicals and which have smoothing properties, like Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo (Rs. 148), which will help ensure your strands aren’t so stubborn.

2. Use Cool Air

Instead of using heat, try the cool air setting of your dryer and style as you usually do. We bet you’ve never used that setting, so it’s about time you started. It can help give you straighter locks without damaging them. You can also just sit in front of a fan and do the same.

3. Brush Till Dry

3 straighten your hair without heat

Use a wide tooth comb or boar bristle brush to constantly brush your hair every few minutes while it dries. Pull out and hold each section for a few seconds while brushing to encourage it to straighten. Swipe on a bit of coconut oil to prevent frizz and add silkiness as you keep brushing till dry.

4. Wrap Your Hair

Step 1: When your hair is wet, apply a lightweight leave-in cream or argan oil to help smoothen hair and prevent frizz.

Step 2: Now create a center parting and divide your hair in 4 sections – 2 in the front and 2 at the back.

Step 3: Use a round brush to brush out a section of hair to free it of tangles and help distribute your product evenly. Now brush this section down and across your scalp to the other side, gently securing it to your scalp with bobby pins that are 2 inches apart.

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Step 4: Now do the same with the rest of the sections – the left sections will be flipped over to the right side and vice versa. Depending on the length of your hair, your sections may wrap all along the sides and bottom. (Use as many bobby pins as necessary to keep the sections secure).

Step 5: Let it air dry completely for a few hours like this. You can wrap it in a silk scarf to prevent frizz and sleep on it overnight if you like.

5. The Striped Ponytails

5 straighten your hair without heat

After your wash, squeeze out excess water from your strands and detangle with a comb before trying this super easy technique.

Step 1: Divide damp hair down the middle and make 2 low ponytails on either side and secure with an elastic.

Step 2: Now wrap another elastic every 2-3 inches as you go down the length of each ponytail. Your hair should end up looking like 2 striped pigtails.

Step 3: Go to sleep and let your hair loose in the morning. You can wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent frizz.

Make sure your elastics aren’t too tight to prevent creating bends in your hair.

6. Get Rolling

Another simple technique is to use large velcro, mesh or soft foam rollers. Wrap sections of hair around these rollers till all your hair is up. It’s very important to let your hair dry completely, before letting your straight hair down. Remember, the larger the rollers, the straighter your hair will be.

7. A Straightening Coconut Hair Mask

7 straighten your hair without heat

Coconut milk is well known for it’s moisturizing properties since it’s so rich in fat, fiber and Vitamin E. Combined with the acid of lemon juice and hydrating power of olive oil, it can help relax the hair. Mix one cup of coconut milk, the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil. On a medium flame, whisk the mixture till it thickens. Then allow it to cool before applying all over your hair and massaging your scalp with it. Wrap your hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition with sulfate-free products. Comb your hair when wet.

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13 May 2016

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