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7 Awesome Ideas For A Destination Wedding On A Budget!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
7 Awesome Ideas For A Destination Wedding On A Budget!


Yes, it’s possible! You don’t need to spend a bomb for the perfect destination wedding. Sure you’ll have your own set of challenges, like getting all the oldies in your big fat parivaar to agree upon it, but hey, you get married just once. Make it worthwhile!

1. The hunt down for ‘venue’

Pick a town that’s not more than 5 to 7 hours from your city. This will bring down your travel expenses. Secondly, chuck the ‘popular’ destination – they’re booked in advance and definitely demand a premium! You’ll be surprised to discover the gorgeous properties available in smaller cities. And they’ll do what it takes to make it your day splendid without the extra bits of drama.

destination wedding

2. Go local

From decorators to entertainers, involve as many local vendors as possible. Help them understand your vision and they’ll be equally excited to do something new and offbeat. You could even do a mix: hire local photographers/videographers along with one super awesome candid guy travelling with you.

3. Off-season awesomeness

Off-season is our favourite time of the year! Everything from flights to resorts to vendors are super-cheap at this time. You can expect major discounts. Also, weekdays will always turn out to be cheaper than weekends.

4. Gift a memory

Find out the speciality from the locals. It could be food, a craft or a particular product. Bundle that as your giveaway instead of something fancy that you’ll have to carry all the way to the venue. Not only will this cut down your gifting costs but it also serves as a cute memory of the place.

destination wedding

5. Downsize that list

We should’ve probably put this at the top. Know that not all your friends/family/co-workers/random acquaintances can be invited to a destination wedding. The idea is to keep the celebrations a personal affair and, yes, budget-friendly. So invite only the kareebi ones!


6. Bring down the kharcha

There are so many other places where you can save. Like, you could probably cut out the sangeet choreographer. Shop smart and drive hard for bargains. 15K for a mehendi artist?! It’s going to fade in two days! 43 different types of dishes?! Lastly, include a lot of DIY into your wedding. It’s totally the in thing right now and a major saver!

7. Deal? Or no deal!

Put your bargaining powers to the best use! Have all your functions in one resort so you don’t have to pay extra for a party hall. Ask the resort to include morning and evening tea in the room cost itself. And request the staff to welcome the baaratis instead of hiring garland girls or trumpet players.

destination wedding

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