Music To Our Ears: Audio Erotica Is The Newest Self Care Tool And We Can’t Wait To Try It!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 7, 2020
Music To Our Ears: Audio Erotica Is The Newest Self Care Tool And We Can’t Wait To Try It!

How often have you spent some time with yourself in the house alone, listening to music to feel better? Well, I do it often. Life can get pretty stressful and during such times, all you need is a few moments of solitude with you and your headphones. While for some, jazz music soothes their mind, for others, it’s absolutely no lyrics and just calming instrumental music. 

Canada-based Gina Gutierrez came up with an interesting idea to help us feel calm. While drinking wine with her friends one day, Gina along with her friend (and co-founder) Faye Keegan realised that there was not enough porn on the internet that made them feel good. They realised that they used erotica that they had in class 12 as a medium to feel turned on. This is when Gina and Faya decided to record their first erotic podcast, and then posted it to a square space website and shared it with over 200 people. Within 24 hours, the number of listeners shot up to over 1,200 and now this audio has over 4 lac downloads and is growing by the minute. That’s what led them to co-found the erotic story studio Dipsea.

According to Gina, self-isolation due to COVID has resulted in a serious hike in the traffic of their narrated erotic story podcast, where they discuss sexual exercises, dirty talking lessons and a few BDSM how-tos. Female sexuality is a booming topic in the wellness industry. Podcasts and websites that are giving sex-positive tutorials, audio erotica and personal stories are now what adults are consuming these days. And the best part is that most of these stories are women-led and are more often than not created keeping women and non-binary people in mind. This has led to a drastic shift from the male-centric porn that dominates the world of the internet. 


The reason why most women have moved from video to audio porn is that they love their private moment of calm with their headphones.  

This new stream of online erotica has not only helped women seek their private space but has also led to a drastic increase in the number of jobs in this sphere for women across the world. Whether it’s writing porn stories or simply editing the content before taking it online, women are going to get a lot of space to express their sexuality on a regular basis. 

Sex is known to be a great stress-buster and this could be another way in which women get to express their sexuality. We finally have a positive and healthy sexual culture now and it is time we embrace every minute of it. 

Featured Image: Pexels