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15 Assumptions People Make About Single & Independent Women

15 Assumptions People Make About Single & Independent Women

We, as a society, have some major misconceptions about single, independent women. Sometimes, ‘I’m single and independent’ means that ‘I’m stress-free, drama-free, super ambitious and I refuse to settle for anything that’s less than what I deserve!’ So read on about some oh-so-familiar assumptions about independent women that people make!

1. ‘She clearly doesn’t have a life!’

People think that a single woman is the same as a lonely one, just because she doesn’t have a boyfriend… Um, guess what? She has more time to give to her family and friends! AND she’s free to flirt with whoever she likes.

2. ‘She must be too stubborn and selective.’

After all, there is no other explanation for a girl being single, right?! Well, maybe she’s waiting for the right guy, or maybe she is focusing on her career and doesn’t want distractions, or maybe she’s just happy with the way her life is right now!

3. ‘She must be afraid of commitment!’

Or maybe she’s just a girl who wants to live life on her on terms, including her decision to date someone. But according to society, there has to be something wrong with a girl if she is single, right? (Sense the sarcasm) 3 assumptions about independent women

4. ‘She must be single because no guy has asked her out.’

Have you ever wondered that she may be single by choice and not because there are no boys wooing her? She probably knows what she wants and isn’t looking to settle for just about anyone. Give that a thought maybe?

5. ‘A career but no boyfriend, I’m certain she has asked her friends to set her up on a date!’

Save the sympathy! If she can think for herself then she sure as hell can make her choices, when it comes to men, herself too.

6. ‘She has to be a feminist! Otherwise why won’t she just date someone?’

Maybe she is. What is wrong with wanting equal rights?! NOTHING! 6 assumptions about independent women

7. ‘She needs no TLC because she’s too strong and independent for that stuff.’

Stop assuming that being independent makes up for a woman’s need to feel loved. Independent or not, every girl, in fact, everyone needs some TLC every now and then!

8. ‘She need no man, when she’s got the money.’

Some people tend to assume that money is a replacement for a relationship in a woman’s life. Well, they’re sorely mistaken. Her bank account balance has nothing to do with her love life, trust us!

9. ‘Girls this independent, make for terrible partners anyway.’

The fact that she is independant is just one trait. There are many others too. If you don’t know her enough to understand that, you shouldn’t be making assumptions about what kind of a partner she would be. 9 assumptions about independent women

10. ‘She must be too full of herself to see a guy as an equal.’

A woman’s independent lifestyle is often mistaken for arrogance… Or for the fact that she has unrealistically high standards. In reality, a woman’s expectations keep changing as she herself grows. And maybe she’s just waiting to be sure she’s found the right person before she takes that step.

11. ‘She has such an easy and sorted life.’

People assume that if a girl is single and independent, it’s because she’s had it all easy in life… Failing to realize that she might have had a tough life with ups and downs that have ended up making her who she is today.

12. ‘She is a cold hearted woman and her only true love is her job.’

Sounds like a cheeky Bollywood dialogue but it’s exactly the way some people think! She actually may just be a die hard romantic, taking her own sweet time to find the one who loves her for her unapologetic self, guys! Who are you to judge someone so quickly?! 12 assumptions about independent women

13. ‘Why is she trying so hard to prove herself to the world?’

People find it difficult to accept a girl who is the Queen of her own life, calling all the shots, living up to her OWN expectations! Hence, people tend to have all kinds of misconceptions…

14. ‘It’s because she’s Miss Bossy Pants!’

If she is a boss at work, then, she has to be an assertive woman who knows what she wants and what she’s doing. That doesn’t mean she’s bossy in personal life too!

15. ‘I’m sure she open to the idea of hooking up!’

And we’re sure you’re poking your nose where it doesn’t belong and making baseless assumptions about a woman who is free to makes her own decisions.  15 assumptions about independent women GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr


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