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Trouble In Paradise? Looks Like BB Contestants Ieshaan & Meisha Are Already Headed For A Break Up

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal are currently in limelight for the fastest blossoming romance in Bigg Boss history. It has hardly been 10 days since the two met and they already seem to be falling head over heels in love with each other. In fact, during Monday’s episode, Ieshaan was heard telling Miesha that he is very serious about her and swore on his mom to claim that he is all set to marry her if things go well for the two of them. Now, while Miesha is definitely welcoming his advances, she rarely professes her love verbally. The housemates have been observing their antics and some feel that Ieshaan has actually gotten emotionally involved but Miesha is actually using him to advance in the game. The rest of the contestants are convinced that it is a game strategy for both of them.


Well, real or fake, their romance is the talk of the town as of now and the couple has been getting a lot of footage in the episodes as well. The equation seems to be working for both of them but it looks like there is some trouble in this paradise. As you might be aware, Miesha has earlier made an appearance with Pratik Sehajpal in Ace Of Space and there were some rumours about them being romantically involved. However, both of them have maintained that they have always been just friends. Unfortunately, Ieshaan does not seem to be too convinced with their denial and in a BB promo, can be seen confronting Miesha about her proximity with Pratik.

Last night, he was seen doubting Miesha and asking her if she has told Pratik anything about the maps that their team, junglewalas has been hiding from the gharwalas. “Mujhe achcha nahi lagta babu aap uske saath sab kuch share kar rahe ho jiske saath aapka kuch tha pehle (I am not liking it baby. You are sharing everything with the person that you have a past with),” he was heard saying to Meisha. Enraged by the allegation, she immediately retorted by saying, “Kuch nahi tha (There was nothing between us)” and could be seen visibly furious with the exchange. She even refused to talk to Ieshaan after that and asked him to stop talking about her past because they have just met and he knows nothing about it. Here, watch the video:

However, things did not stop just there and Ieshaan and Miesha’s fight escalated after she used foul language for the opposite team during last night’s task. He did not like the fact that she was using abusive words and called her out for the same. Already irritated by Ieshaan, Meisha told him off and said that this is how she is and he does not have to be with her if he does not like it.

Well, guess they are headed towards another record now. The fastest romance in the BB history might turn into the fastest breakup anytime now and we seriously don’t know how to react.

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13 Oct 2021

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