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Not Cool! Ieshaan Sehgal Just Made A Shocking Confession About His Relationship With Miesha Iyer

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 26, 2021


Bigg Boss 15’s first wildcard contestant, Rajiv Adatia entered the house with a roar last night. As someone who already knows a lot of the contestants, he instantly threw all the established relationships and bonds into the chaos. Within minutes of his entry, a rift was created between Bigg Boss 15’s Akka and Anna (Shilpa Shetty and Visha Kotian) and then Miesha Iyer was seen anticipating the worst. While Ieshaan Sehgal kept telling her that she was overthinking, looks like Miesha’s fears weren’t baseless after all.

There have been rumors that Rajiv has dated Ieshaan in the past. And it looked like Rajiv has clear control over Ieshaan’s mind in the last night’s episode. Upon his entry, while Rajiv met everyone with a warm hug, he was seen giving a cold shoulder to Ieshaan. This continued for a while until the latter finally decided to confront him and sat down with his alleged ex. This is when Rajiv expressed his problems with Miesha and Ieshaan’s “overnight” relationship and how it is looking on the camera. “I know you so well, I don’t believe in your teen din wala pyaar vyaar and all,” he was heard saying.

Instead of defending Miesha in the conversation, Ieshaan kept listening to whatever “advice” Rajiv had to share. He even said that he was desperate to stay in the show thus hinting that he might have gotten in the relationship to stay in the game. However, he did insist that he has a soft corner for Miesha and that he actually cares about her existence in his life. But Rajiv did not stop just there and went on telling Ieshaan that he is looking like Miesha’s dog right now as she commands him as per her mood.


Later on, while Ieshaan didn’t share the details of this conversation with Miesha, he did give her a gist of what he and Rajiv had talked about. Later, this culminated into a fight between the two and he even said that the relationship might not work in the long run. Honestly, it was highly disappointing to see Ieshaan bowing down to the wild card entry like he owns him his life. Since his introduction in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Rajiv has shared some strong opinions on Miesha and even called her extremely cunning in a conversation with Salman.

Well, we cannot say how she might be in the outside world but Miesha is not coming across as a cunning person in the Bigg Boss house. In fact, both Ieshaan and Miesha are looking lost and dumb right now because they let anyone and everyone manipulate their relationship. Here’s hoping that the couple gets sorted in their heads before they end up in an emotional mess.

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