Dear Boyfriend, WHAT Is The Meaning Of This Text?!!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Dear Boyfriend, WHAT Is The Meaning Of This Text?!!


Much as we love our boys, there’s no denying that sometimes they drive us up the wall. With their texts. As affectionate – and expressive – as they may be in person, it seems like typing is a skill they haven’t really mastered. Forget a full sentence, sometimes even extracting a full word seems as difficult as trying to extract water from stone. While most of the time we are okay with this, sometimes we NEED more! Be advised, boyfriends, that all too often you make us go WTF with your texts!!

1. “Hmm.”

In response to a text from me saying: “Missing you. Come back soon.” Fine, then. DON’T come back.

annoying texts 11

2. “K”

When I ask if we are meeting for dinner. Thanks for the enthusiasm, man.

annoying texts 5

3. “LOL”

When I told you about the HORRIBLE day I’d had at work. Good to know I amuse you so.

annoying texts 6

4. “It was fine”

When I ask you how your day was, after not having spoken to you for two days. Umm… That’s it?!

annoying texts 10

5. “It’s okay”

After I’m done ranting about a fight with my mom. It’s NOT okay!

annoying texts 2

6. “Babe, chill.”

When I’ve told you about being sick, the cook not showing up, the AC breaking down and there being no water in the taps – ALL at the same time. That reply definitely makes me feel very chilly towards you.

annoying texts 8

7. “Sure.”

After I tell you about feeling low and needing a hug. Very sure of yourself, aren’t you?

annoying texts 1

8. “Cool!”

When I send you an enthusiastic message about what an amazing time I had last night! Take care of your own orgasms all by yourself, why don’t you?!

annoying texts 9b

9. “Night”

When I send a super-sweet goodnight text. That’s ALL you have to say in return?! Guess who’s getting the silent treatment tomorrow?

annoying texts 4

10. “What’s wrong?”

After I’ve told you exactly why I’ve been moody and cranky all day. I JUST told you what’s wrong! Now you’ve made it worse. Pay. Attention.

annoying texts 3

11. “Nothing”

When I ask you what’s on your mind ‘coz I can clearly see you are troubled. You can open up and share your feelings and insecurities with me, you don’t have to be “Iron Man” all the time!!!

annoying texts 7

12. “Ohhhh! Yeah, me too”

When I tell you I am dying to meet you… You don’t have to be polite, don’t say things that sound like you DON’T mean them.

annoying texts 12

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