Bronzed Bombshell Alert: A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Perfecting Ananya Panday’s Summer Glow

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Oct 6, 2020
Bronzed Bombshell Alert: A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Perfecting Ananya Panday’s Summer Glow


Ananya Panday has always been one for flaunting her naturally radiant skin. If you go through her Instagram, you’ll notice that the star doesn’t actually put too much makeup and likes to keep it fresh and glowy. This time, however, she’s stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a full face of makeup and we’ve got to say, she’s pulled it off superbly.

She just posted a couple of pictures on her social media where she’s nailing the messy, ruffled hair look along with a bronzed makeup look and wow, diva alert! 

Her makeup artist, Stacy Gomes chose to keep a monochrome bronze and brown look, matching her eyes, lips, cheeks altogether. Still, she didn’t keep it completely matte, adding radiance to the high points of her face. 

Highlighter and sunlight are a match made in makeup heaven, am I right?

If You Want To Recreate Ananya Panday’s Makeup Look, Here Are The Steps

Ready, set, blend!

Step One: Prep And Prime The Skin

Follow your daily skincare routine of serum moisturising and applying sunscreen so that your skin is hydrated and happy. Give yourself a quick face massage so that the products really get soaked in. Then use a primer that’ll smooth out fine lines, skin texture and make your makeup last longer.

Step Two: Take Time Blending The Base

Use a foundation on a damp beauty sponge and blend it all in well. Remember to go over your neck as well so that there aren’t any harsh lines visible. Then use a creamy concealer under your eyes and on any areas that you might need extra coverage. Blend it all in well and then move on to cream contouring. Use a contour stick to chisel out your cheekbones and jawline and add dimension to your face. Blend it well with a contour brush and you’ll notice the difference.

Step Three: Set It All In Place

Use a translucent powder to set your makeup in place and if you want you can bake in your undereye area and around your mouth- where you’re most likely to crease. Set the contour in place with a matte bronzer and be sure to take it up even till your cheeks to add some colour to your skin.

Step Four: The Bronzed Eyes

For the eyes, Ananya Panday has gone for a bronzed makeup look, using a muted copper and gold shadow throughout the lid. You can also use the same matte bronzer to add depth to the crease. After that use a matte brown shadow on an angled brush and run it along the upper lashline to add a slightly smokey effect. Use the same shadow ever so slightly on your lower lashline and finish it off with mascara.

Step Five: For A Sultry Pout

For lipstick, the Kaali Peeli star went for a brown nude shade and matched it extremely well with the rest of her makeup.

Ain’t she looking like a bronzed goddess?

Featured Image: Instagram