6 PERFECT Gift Ideas For Your Man’s Birthday!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
6 PERFECT Gift Ideas For Your Man’s Birthday!


This story is updated in January 2019. While there are plenty of things we see and think would be great to gift our men on their birthdays, there is always this confusion about how we should pick! “Would he like this or that?” Getting confused between products is not unusual! That is why we bring you a bunch of gift ideas for your boyfriend you can go by! From something you could make to a practical gift, you can think of what specifically you would want to give him and then pick a gift accordingly! Makes life so much simpler. You can thank us later!!!

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Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend that will help you choose the perfect one!

1. The one you can make…

Nothing like a personalized handmade gift for your man that he can keep and cherish forever! Try a scrapbook with pictures plus little notes for him inside? Or just a collage of all your favourite pictures. Or, how about a little jar with notes full of memories and moments that the two of you have shared! He will love that you made all that effort just for him! birthday gift for boyfriend 1

2. The one that sums him up…

And means something to him! Something that reminds him of a special time in his life or something he holds dear to his heart. “My boyfriend is a pilot and I couldn’t quite figure out what to gift him. But when his birthday drew near, I had the perfect gift in mind – airplane cufflinks! It made it super personal without me having to go overboard,” revealed a POPxo team member!

3. The one that he has been wanting forever…

All of us have that one thing we’ve been eyeing forever but have not gotten down to actually buying. Keep a lookout for such things your guy wants, especially around his special day! The fact that you took note of what he wanted and actually bought it for him will make him feel extra special and nice! Start saving up in advance, we’d say! And if you think what he’s been wanting is way out of your budget, why not go with something that you like – and can convince him to enjoy too! birthday gift for boyfriend 2

4. The one that you would want him to have…

There is always something we want to add to our guys’ collection of things! Whether it’s a cologne that you personally love the smell of, or a shirt you would love to see him wear! Gift him something of your choice! It’ll be a little present for you both. 😀

5. The one you know he will use more than anything else!

While the idea of gifting your guy something spectacular and out of the box on his birthday is great, giving him something that he will actually love using isn’t such a bad idea either. Is he a gym buff? How about some fab gym shoes?! If he loves listening to music, how about a great pair of headphones or speakers? Depending on what your guy likes and will use, we’re sure you will find just the right match! birthday gift for boyfriend

6. The practical one…

Then there are birthday gifts you know you can’t go wrong with. The practical ones. Just like there are certain things that we girls will always use no matter what (like bags, shoes, and the like!), there are things men will always use too. Even if not immediately, eventually! If you’re looking to be on the safe side and practical, try gifting him a nice wallet. It is something he will always come down to using even if he insists on using the one he already owns for now! Images: Shutterstock  MUST-READ: Want To Surprise Him? Here Are Some FAB Gift Options! MUST-READ: Gifting Guide: Things to Buy For Your BFF Gift Ideas for Girlfriend in Hindi