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All You Need To Know About Natasha Poonawalla’s Met Gala Look & Why It’s Such A Big Deal ATM

All You Need To Know About Natasha Poonawalla’s Met Gala Look & Why It’s Such A Big Deal ATM

Yesterday was a big day for Indian fashion. We all watched in absolute awe as Natasha Poonawalla took over the 2022 Met Gala red carpet. With every single detail screaming high octane glamour, she was a sight to behold. Bathed in gold, Natasha proved to be the perfect antidote for all the fashion girls still squirming over Sudha Reddy’s disastrous look from last year’s red carpet. And no, we are not heaping praises on the socialite just because she managed to make a fleeting impression. She did way more than that. Here’s why we are going gaga over Natasha’s Met Gala look:

Iconic! Natasha Poonawalla’s A+ Look


At the Met Gala red carpet yesterday, Hollywood fashionistas had nothing on Natasha who showed us how to ace a theme with utmost grace. This look is truly an iconic moment in Indian fashion:

A Lot Of Firsts

Natasha Poonawalla made her Met Gala debut yesterday with her head-to-toe gold look. However, she was not the only one making a stellar debut. This also marked ace-couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s debut on the Met Gala red carpet. It was also the first time that a saree was spotted at the event. Yesterday, was a day of lots of firsts for India and it’s safe to say, we managed with flying colours.

Devil’s In The Details


Speaking of the details, Natasha’s printed tulle Sabyasachi saree is custom-made. In the spirit of Gilded Age fashion, it has been embellished with beveled beads, semi-precious stones, crystals, sequins and appliquéd printed velvet. The trail adds to the drama that is further accentuated with a Schiaparelli hand-forged metal bustier. The bustier also adds a sense of structure that was integral to Gilded Age aesthetics. The look has been finished off with custom pieces from Sabyasachi Fine Jewellery and limited edition collectibles from Sabyasachi’s Curiosity Art & Antiquity Project. There is gold, there is OTT opulence, and Natasha’s own version of Asian aesthetics—the perfect recipe for all standout Gilded age looks.

A+ Styling

Natasha’s standout look was, of course, teamwork and we need to give ample credit to Anaita Shroff Adajania for following the ‘Gilded Glamour’ dress code to the T. It showed that the stylist extraordinaire had thoroughly researched the theme as she fused the decadence of the gilded age with a reverence for history. “I wanted something ornate yet whimsical, with a focus on the waist as a curtsy to the corsetry and bustles of the time, and a frothy swathe of tulle with delicate embroideries in an Indian drape The Schiaparelli metal corset as the ultimate symbol of a true renaissance in fashion, a return to pure extravagance, and combined it with the excellence of India’s most celebrated designer, Sabyasachi who has infused new energy into the beating heart of textile traditions and my favourite, the sari which was Natasha’s vision from day one,” shares the stylist.

Well, Natasha’s look is proof is that Indians can very well shine on the International red carpets provided they have the right team. We hope Deepika Padukone is listening because she is preparing for Cannes 2022 soon!

Featured Image: Instagram

04 May 2022

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