#AliaFacts: 11 Things We Just Made Up But SO Wish Were True!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


We love Alia Bhatt very much. So much so that we basically want her to star in everything, and do everything that is cool and cute and kickass in the world. We bring you our top picks of things about Alia Bhatt we WISH were true! (Universe, are you listening to us?!)

1. Alia’s old high school now gives out a “Student Of The Year” Award.

alia bhatt facts 1

2. Alia is starring in the next KJo movie as Shah Rukh and Kajol’s daughter.

alia facts

3. Alia went on Khatron Ke Khiladi and defeated Akshay Kumar.

alia bhatt facts 3

4. Alia is the next brand ambassador for Johnson & Johnson’s baby products.

alia facts

5. Alia Bhatt will play a triple role in Dhoom 4 as…

alia facts

the heroine;

alia facts

the villain;

alia facts

and the little-puppy narrator.

6. There’s a petition for Alia Bhatt to be on the next Rs 1,000 note. It has 2.5 million signatures.

alia bhatt facts 6

7. Alia can talk to dolphins.

alia facts

8. Alia auditioned for Bigg Boss, but she was declined for being too cute. Nobody would ever vote her out.

alia bhatt facts 8

9. Alia was cast in Student Of The Year after KJo discovered her playing a fairy princess in her school play.

alia bhatt facts 9

10. Alia will star in the Indian remake of The Hunger Games.

alia bhatt facts 10

11. Every time Alia smiles, an adorable kitten is born.

alia facts

Images: Tumblr, Alia Bhatt on Instagram

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