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Move Over Bhatt, Meet The Other B-Town Alia’s Who Have Their Fashion Game On Fiyaaah!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Jun 5, 2018
Move Over Bhatt, Meet The Other B-Town Alia’s Who Have Their Fashion Game On Fiyaaah!


We’ve been crushing hard over Alia since a long time now and there’s no stopping us. Her sense of fashion and style ranges from playful to posh, casual to classy. Oh, I’m sorry, we’re not talking about Alia Bhatt this time. There are two new Alia’s in town who are just as talented as their celebrity parents. Their talent? Pure fashion!

So move over Bhatt and make way for Aalia Furniturewala and Aaliyah Kashyap for a stylish 2018. Whether your fashion calling is extra or aesthetic, they’re all the inspiration you need. 

Aalia Furniturewala

The 20-year-old Aalia Furniturewala, daughter of Pooja Bedi, loves the gram as much as the gram loves her. She dresses like a model-in-the-making and we’re all up for it. When in the mood for fancy dressing, you know who to follow. Here are some of our favourite looks of the celeb kid.

1. (Play)suit Suit Karda

8 alia - playsuit jumpsuit stripped

Replace your sundress with a patterned playsuit this season. You’re now a pair of hoops and white sneakers away from looking summer-ready.

2. Denim-On-Denim Done Bomb

9 alia - denim on denim

Denim bustier is a thing now and we can’t thank Aalia enough for giving us this cool denim-on-denim idea!

3. Pleats, Please?

10 alia - ohh shoulder black pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are the best! They add a dash of drama to an otherwise solid coloured skirt and isn’t that just what we want in life?!

4. A Twisted All-Black-Everything

11 alia - all black everything outfit

Aalia’s idea of breaking the all-black-everything monotony goes beyond the realms of a red lipstick. Statement jewellery and placement print is the new way to go, ladies.

5. Stalk On Stockings

12 alia - stockings

The idea of stockings in the summer may sound a little appalling, but stockings have a knack for making any outfit look instantly sexy. Try it for a night party or for your travels and see for yourself!

6. It’s A Wrap

13 alia - wrap dress

Wrap dresses are the new and improved way to seal the deal this party season. We suggest you go for maxi wrap dresses and block heels just like Aalia.

7. Magical Monochrome

14 alia - monochrome shrug

Beat Monday’s ass with monochrome and see how your day picks up! But if you think it ends at something black and the other thing white, think again!

Aaliyah Kashyap

The 17-year-old Aaliyah Kashyap, Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap’s daughter, gives us the perfect girl next door vibe which is as comfortable as it is chic. Having one of those “I’ve nothing to wear” days? We’ve found you your fashion muse! Here are some of our favourite looks of the celeb kid making the basic wardrobe look anything but basic.

1. Sweatshirts #101

1 alia - sweatshirt and jeans

Whoever says sweatshirts are boring, just show them this picture of Aaliyah wearing a grey sweatshirt with colourblocked sleeves. They should understand the rest.

2. T-shirt Game Too Strong

2 alia - slogan t-shirt

We’re all about slogan tees this season. They’re so ageless and talkative, just the way we like our fashion game, and so easy to pull-off.

3. Such A Jean-ius

3 alia - blue jeans

The classy blue jeans with a sassy side embroidery, Aaliyah shows us how to do basic blue jeans to look anything the basic.

4. White Shirt Chic

4 alia - white shirt

There’s yet another way to style the staple white shirt and this time, it doubles up as a chic knotted shrug. A crossbody bag and layered necklace are all you need to pull it together.

5. The Bra-mitzvah!

5 alia - white mesh top and jeans

Got a fancy bralette but no way to flaunt it? Take it from Aaliyah and wear a mesh top over it. Two fashion trends at once, oh yeah!

6. Short It Like It’s Hot

6 alia - denim shorts

Gone are the days of matching your belt to your shoes. We love how Aaliyah has matched her footwear, socks, cap and bag. What a cool way to highlight your accessories!

7. Dress Up And How

7 alia - dress with heels

Last but not the least, a dress! All you need is a boho necklace and statement heels to make even a simple dress look extra.

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