Spotted: Shoe Trends At Bata Fashion Week, Milan That You'd Want To Slip Into!

Spotted: Shoe Trends At Bata Fashion Week, Milan That You'd Want To Slip Into!

How do we get through the mid-month crisis, you ask? The answer lies in the price tag of a shoe. Good shoes take you good places. But affordable shoes take you to many good places. That's our favourite part about Bata. That and how stylish they are.

Our founder and CEO, Priyanka Gill, attended the Bata Fashion Week that recently concluded in Milan. Here are our five favourite shoe trends from their new collection that are all the statement you need to survive 2018 stylishly.

1. Painted Sneakers

1 shoes - bata painted sneakers

As a kid, I used to love the two days of the week when I had a PT period. One, because I love sports. Two, because I used to hate those black buckled shoes we had to wear as a part of the school uniform. PT shoes were so much fun to wear! And now they're even better with the awesome prints and pattern on it. Reliving my childhood, one stylish step at a time!

2. Embellished Ballerinas

2 shoes - embellished ballerinas

Take the metallic footwear game up a notch by adding sparkly embellishments to it. If Cinderella knew better, this is the pair of ballerinas she would wear to the ball instead of those uncomfortable glass heels, we bet! It is all the dressing up your feet needs this party season. Look like a million, without spending a million.

3. Paperbag Boots

3 shoes - boots

We have talked enough about the paperbag waist bottoms and what a cool trend it is for the lover of high-waisted everything. Well, the Bata Fashion Week took the trend further down to our feet. Presenting, paperbag boots! Who knew a paper bag from the grocery store could be a trendsetter in 2018! I know what boots I'm buying this year. Bye, bye sock-fit boots!

4. Striped Flatforms

4 shoes - flatforms

We love stripes everywhere, whether on our top, on our bag, or on our shoes. These striped flatform sandals are all you need this summer to rock the casual chic look. Pair it with sheer socks (because that's a thing now!) and make your street style game stronger!

5. High-Top Trainers

5 shoes - high-top sneakers

Call them a classic or a cult, high-top sneakers have never been this cool. With love the socks-like look and feel of it. And the pastel hues with a touch of colour is just the motivation we need to kick Monday's butt.

What's your pick, ladies?