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These Shocking Mid-Week Exits From The BB 15 House Have Drastically Changed The Game

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 10, 2021
These Shocking Mid-Week Exits From The BB 15 House Have Drastically Changed The Game


With the new wild card entrants, this week had the Bigg Boss 15 house full of new and old contestants. In the live feed, they could be seen struggling for space, lining up for the loo in the morning, and even fighting for food. Things were basically beginning to go out of hand. However, looks like the situation has been handled with two shocking mid-week exists from the house. Yes, you read that right. Two Bigg Boss 15 contestants have been suddenly shown the doors for reasons that none of us saw coming. Read on for the full scoop.

End To Afsana Khan’s Tantrums?


From what we have understood of Afsana Khan’s personality in the past month, she sounds like that stubborn kid who literally ends up lying on the road when the parents refuse to give in to the tantrums. We have all seen it happen multiple times in the Bigg Boss house. She is a mega drama queen who likes to have things her way and creates a scene every time it does not pan out as per her whims. Something similar happened in the latest VIP zone task when Afsana was kicked out of the race by her fellow contestants.

Like always, the Punjabi singer ended up having a major meltdown and even threatened to slit her hand with a knife. As per sources, this did not go down well with the Bigg Boss makers who thus decided to kick her out of the house. However, it is also being claimed that Afsana has been taken out of the house for medical assistance following a major nervous breakdown and might get back to the show soon. Well, whatever the reason be, she is surely not in the Bigg Boss house at the moment and would be better off that way given her recent self-harm threats.

Raqesh Bapat’s Brief Wild Card Stint


Much to every #ShaRa shipper’s disappointment, Raqesh Bapat has also been taken out of the Bigg Boss 15 house just a few days after his wild card entry due to medical reasons. The actor complained of severe abdomen pain yesterday and was taken to the hospital. As it turns out, the pain was due to kidney stones and he is under expert supervision as of now. Just like Afsana, we aren’t too sure of Raqesh’s re-entry inside the house and are praying for his quick recovery right now.

Surely, the sudden exit of these Bigg Boss contestants would drastically change the situation inside the house especially for Shamita Shetty who was relying on Raqesh’s support. It would be interesting to see how she makes peace with her beau’s sudden exit and navigates her way for the rest of the season.

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