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A Beginner’s Guide to Wax Play So You Can (Safely & Slowly) Turn Up the Heat In The Bedroom

A Beginner’s Guide to Wax Play So You Can (Safely & Slowly) Turn Up the Heat In The Bedroom

If you are worried about things getting too tamed in the bedroom, then maybe it is time for you to turn up the heart. Allow us to introduce you to candle wax kink and how it can transform your love life forever. Now, we know the idea of using hot candle wax during sex sounds like a massive risk, but the truth is it can get really exciting!

Wax play is a practice that was made popular by BDSM and the kink community and it means dripping candle wax onto your partner, asking them to drip it onto you, or dripping it on yourself. NGL, this kind of play tilts towards the intermediate or advanced end on the BDSM graph but with practice you can master it too.

Everything You Need To Remember Before The Wax Play

Talk It Out

Wax play requires a lot of trust and courage and that’s the reason why you can’t jump into it without going over the details with your partner. Talk about the safe zone for wax dripping, the height from which the wax will be poured, the safe word and who will be the receiver during the play. Just trust us on this—the more you talk, the better it will be.

Pick The Right Candles

Before you get into the world of wax play, you need to figure out which wax would work the best for you. If you are a beginner then, we would highly recommend you to start off with soy candles as their sensations are the mildest and the soy wax is least likely to cause irritations. Try to avoid dyed, metallic, scented and stearin-based candles.

Prepare Your Skin

This is a crucial step for the wax play as you need to protect your skin from any injury during the act. So, take time to prepare your skin by applying lotion or oil on the surface so the wax is easier to clean off and won’t cause irritation. Shaving beforehand is also a good move so that the wax doesn’t mess with your body hair and cause you a lot of unwanted pain.

How To Get Started With The Wax Play


The best way to get into the wax play is to start by dripping the wax onto less sensitive areas of your partner’s body. You can start off with the back and shoulders and then slowly move to more sensitive areas, such as the inner thighs and stomach. Keep the wax away from the head, face, and genitals. 

You can control the heat by changing the height at which you pour the wax. Try to communicate with your partner throughout the process to make sure they are okay. By increasing the distance between the candle and the skin, you can reduce the heat.

How To Safely Clean Up After The Wax Play?

Once you are done with the wax play, let the wax cool down and dry ‘coz the hardened stuff is easier to clean off. Post that, wipe yourself (or each other!) with a wet towel and wash any residue off in the shower with a cleanser. 

Just PSA— applying aloe vera gel on the skin will help with the burning sensation. So, keep that handy. Go on, get creative, we are sure you’ll have a lot of fun exploring it.

Feature Image Credit: Pexels

11 Apr 2022

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