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Spending Too Much Time Together? 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom Routine

Spending Too Much Time Together? 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom Routine

All the home time and spending too much time together can get boring and monotonous. And it can definitely affect your sex life. Chances are that you may have already exhausted your bedroom repertoire. Don’t worry, ladies, we are here to help you with a few ideas that will help you spice up your bedroom routine and will save your sex life from taking a nosedive.

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom Routine

The pandemic anxiety and stress may have affected your libido as well. So if you fancy mixing up a bit, you’re reading the right article. Go on try these out to make the home time all the more exciting.

Don’t stop putting in efforts


In order to keep the spark alive, it is important to not give up. Put in some efforts, tell your partner what you’d like to do in bed. Don’t give up on your sex life just because life has become boring and mundane. 

Talk dirty to them…

Whether you’re living alone with your partner or you stay with your family, indulge in dirty talking sessions every once in a while. Dirty talking works wonders in bed. In fact, don’t limit dirty talking to the bedroom. You can even drop a text to your partner in the middle of the day.

Indulge in a role-play sesh


Role-play is the best way to spice up your sex life. Stepping out these days can be a bit of trouble but you can always role-play in private. Pick a fantasy character and get into the zone of playing it (sexually, of course). You will have the best time of your life, trust me.

Experiment with touch

Sometimes all you need is to indulge in a bit of oral sex. Give your partner a blow job in the middle of the day and promise to finish the rest at night. The anticipation will keep both of you going and waiting for the night. 

Read something erotic together


Reading an erotic novel or poem will go a long way. Not only will you find innovative ways to talk dirty, but you will instantly feel turned on when you read them, especially when you are reading them together.

Master the art of quickie


While we’re all at home, there are so many things that take up our time and sex takes a backseat. Do you know what comes in handy in times like these? A quickie every once in a while. Try squeezing in a quickie before the day begins or indulge in one during your lunchtime. *wink*

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13 Jul 2020

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