6 Trendy Hair Accessories That Will Add A Touch Of Glamm To Your Festive Beauty Look

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 7, 2021
6 Trendy Hair Accessories That Will Add A Touch Of Glamm To Your Festive Beauty Look


When you think about decking up for this season’s festivities, you imagine yourself in a killer outfit with a super elaborate makeup look. Although, your hair game might not get all the attention it deserves. Seeing that the resurgence of Y2K trends bring along with it a series of hair inspired beauty looks with chic accessories, it is only fair to take the hint and glam up your mane too. After all, these trending hair accessories will steal the show and make you the centre of attention. 

6 Trendy Hair Accessories To Celebrate In Style 

Jumbo Organza Scrunchies

Scrunchies are definitely an underrated hair accessory that can deliver high on that style quotient even for traditional ensembles. You just have to choose a scrunchie with a chic material like organza. Oversized organza scrunchies that match your outfit will allow you to elevate your attire with ease.

Oversized Barrettes

If you are looking to keep your hair flowing but would like some bling on it to make a statement, choose oversized barrettes to make a mark. They are easy to flaunt and stay in place unlike traditional jodi pins that need a bun or extra support with bobby pins to stay in place.

Embellished Stacked Clips

A set of embellished clips and pins all stacked together will draw attention to your mane. This trendy hair accessory works for a range of outfits that cover casual chic to traditional glam.

Crystal Hair Pins

Have you seen statement hairpins studded with crystals or rhinestones? These pretty pins can elevate an updo or half-up style without having to resort to much styling. They even work well to glam up basic braids.

Metal Hair Bun Pin

These dome-shaped hair accessories that encapsulate your bun are extremely stunning choices for traditional wear. It is a perfect choice to make your updo hairstyle look ultra-glam. Choose a bun pin that has crystals along with gold or silver metal that matches your outfit and jewellery.

Crystal Halo Clip-On

When in doubt, dawn a halo. We are talking about the halo hair accessories that are super easy to sport. Unlike tiaras, these halo hair accessories mould to your head shape so that it is comfortable to wear. The clip-on ends make sure your halo piece stays in place throughout the celebratory events.

To make your hair shine alongside these festive hair accessories, use the right hair care to add shine to your locks. We recommend:

All these hair accessories can assist you to glam up for the festivities and even add charm to your casual ensembles. so, stock up on them ASAP!

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