6 Trendy Accessories That’ll Totally Upgrade Your Hairstyle

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 27, 2021
6 Trendy Accessories That’ll Totally Upgrade Your Hairstyle

Now that you’ve made the appropriate nips and tucks to your closet to suit the new normal of 2021, it’s time to do the same with hair accessories that will lend a hand in bringing these looks to life- even if it’s just for zoom calls. Here’s the thing: The beloved hair accessories trend of the ‘90s and the early 2000s is making a comeback with hair clips and bands popping up on the heads of our favourite Instagrammers.

Hair accessories are a fun way to instantly glam up a look when your hair isn’t cooperating. So whether you want to channel your inner Blair Waldorf with standout headbands or embrace the Y2K era – there’s something for everyone to add to their hair arsenal. Ahead, find the most stylish finds to give your hairstyle a chic twist. 

6 Noteworthy Hair Accessories To Give Your Hairstyle A Chic Twist

Headband For Cool-Girl Vibe


Headbands are officially very cool for 2021. We are seeing headbands going stronger this year. Switch up your hair game by playing with hair accessories of the ’90s and recreate this hairdo. Whether you’re working with twists, waves, or curly hair- literally anyone can pull off this headband hairstyle. We recommend finishing off this look with a hair-setting spray.

Jumbo Scrunchies For An Elevated Look


It is no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker was always working towards pushing the fashion horizon around the ‘90s and was often seen accentuating her hair with jumbo scrunchies. The effortlessly cool jumbo scrunchies are undoubtedly a must-have for all the hairstyling enthusiasts out there. Scrunchies were such a defining trend of the ’90s. They are comfortable and perfect for securing any kind of ponytail. You can easily nail this hairstyle by sporting your natural hair texture.

The Chicest Claw Clips


We all have celebs like Kendal Jenner to thank for bringing the ’90s hair claws back into our lives. This claw clip hairdo just requires your mom’s hair claws from the ‘90s. We love the fact that this one is perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day. Sweep your hair back, twist it, and secure vertically with the claw clip. Lean into the ’90s look by taking two front strands out to frame your face. 

Scarf FTW!


Looking for an easy-peasy way to style your long-AF hair? This proves that you don’t need anything more than a scarf to make even a basic ponytail look like a million bucks. This can be made simply by replacing your usual hairband with a cute scarf and you’ll enjoy a cool new look. The ‘70s were all about the fun, carefree, and hippie-esque vibe. And TBH, so are we today. Bookmark this one for when you want to make a statement with minimal effort.

Clips For A Celeb-Esque Look


Another throwback trend? Oh yes! This is the easiest and the perfect way to channel the ‘90s with an edgier, cooler finish. Just snap clips worn two at a time and secured symmetrically on both sides of your part. To tame frizz and achieve a smooth overall finish – you can straighten your hair first. Coat your strands with this serum to protect them from heat-styling damage. Mix and match with colorful clips for an elevated look.

Embellished Headband For A Glam Look


The spotlight on the embellished headband is shining brighter than ever. It’s chic and elegant and is an easy way to give a dynamic and exciting update to your overall look. From pearly iterations to stone-embellished ones – there are plenty of options available to suit every kind of style aesthetic. Add these to your cart to take your hairstyle to next-level fancy.

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Level up your hairstyling game by adding these fancy accessories to your cart ASAP.

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