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Registered To Get Vaccinated? Follow These 6 Steps For A Safe & Seamless Experience

Registered To Get Vaccinated? Follow These 6 Steps For A Safe & Seamless Experience

India is currently struggling to cope with the tsunami of the second COVID-19 wave. With record-breaking new infections day by day, the government is urging people to get vaccinated so that they are protected against the virus. While it does not guarantee that you won’t get infected, the vaccine will protect you from severe illness and hospitalisation. So if you are over the age of 18, we urge you to register to get vaccinated!

Already registered? Congratulations! You are now one step closer to safety. However, lots of rumours are circulating about the vaccines and their ‘adverse’ side effects, and we urge you to not heed them. To dispel people’s fears, the government has released a step-by-step guide on how to safely get vaccinated, monitor side effects and how to report them.

Take Note Of Existing Allergies

If you are a healthcare worker administering vaccinations, ask the beneficiary whether they have any existing allergies. If their answer is yes, refer them to an allergy specialist, who can advise them about their next steps.

If you are someone who has registered to get vaccinated and are already aware of your existing allergies, carry a medical certificate from your doctor.

Assess Pre-Existing Conditions

Healthcare workers administering the vaccine should ask beneficiaries about any pre-existing conditions and assess them. These can include pregnancy, co-morbidities or old age. Although they are eligible to get vaccinated, it is important to offer them information and counselling.

Communicate Information About Side Effects


Side effects from vaccines, like fatigue, body ache, fever, headaches and chills are normal. However, it is important for healthcare workers to inform the person getting the jab, so that they don’t get alarmed later.


Once all your conditions have been assessed and you have been told about all possible side effects, it’s time for you to get the jab!

Observation Period

Once you get the shot, it is important to stay back for a period of 15 minutes as you need to be observed for any adverse side effects. If you suffer from allergies, you are advised to wait for 30 minutes before you leave the vaccination centre.

Once You’re Home

After your observation period is over, you can return home. However, take note of the adverse side effects your healthcare worker tells you about, and report any adverse side effects to them, even if you experience them much after getting the jab.

And that is all! Just remember to eat something before you head out to get the shot, double mask and wear a face shield if you can. Now log on to cowin.gov.in and register yourself ASAP!

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07 May 2021

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